My recent trip to Tangier. Flight 1: From SNA to ORD in Business Class | American Airline.

My latest adventure to Tangier was great. However, I already had a return flight from Chicago to London from my last trip to Paris. To give you a little history and a travel tip,

its cheaper to buy round trip tickets from Europe than it is to buy a round trip ticket from the US.

So I purchased a round trip ticket from LHR (London Heathrow Airport) to LAX (Los Angeles International) and back to London. If you follow my Facebook page you will probably remember this trip as the trip where I got on the wrong plane on my way to London (with a final destination of Paris for NYE) and no one stopped me from getting on that plane!

Fast forward to today and now I’m using that half of the flight to get to Tangier. So I already had a flight from Chicago to London. The tricky part is getting to Chicago and booking another ticket or in this case, ticket(s) in order to get to Tangier.

I fly on American Airlines from SNA to ORD and since first class was the same price as business class with this airfare, I decided to get it.

If you’ve never traveled in first class, I gotta say it spoils you sooooo much. I flew on the Dreamliner which means they have enough space to have seated pods. A pod is a seat that literally turns into a bed or a lounge chair for comfort. its a relatively small section of the plane where you can watch movies, relax, listen to music and perhaps work on your business projects in piece and comfort. You have enough space between you and the person next to you to not even notice they exist. If you are seated in the middle row, you have the option to pull up a wall, literally a barrier to keep you from looking at your neighbor next to you. Its fantastic.

Usually, you get a three course meal during your flight. This time, I got a salad for the first course, followed by Eggs and Biscuits and gravy, and then some dessert. Everything is so cute! Look at that little bottle of Tabasco. It’s adorable <3.

Tiny Tabasco Sauce <3

The flights in first class are so smooth, you seriously don’t even notice the time passing by. Its like you’re seated in your living room catching up on movies you haven’t watched yet.

You can imagine what its like to get back to coach after having this experience. I feel like a sardine being packed in a tin can. But I still fly coach, and I fly it often. I believe in staying humble.

Gym at Hilton inside of airport.

I landed in Chicago with a 3 hour layover. I had just enough time to do a one hour workout at a gym, have lunch and head back to the airport.

Chicago O’Hair is one of those airports that has a Hilton built into its infrastructure, so you don’t have to leave the airport to find a gym (but you do have to go past security). Its great.

I got my workout in, showered at the gym and headed back into the airport. Since I was traveling with my partner, who has a higher frequent flyer status than I do, we were able to get into the first class lounge, which has an open bar (so you can keep the drinks coming) and full on amazing buffet. Lamb Chops and Champagne and everything your heart desires. We had lunch and waited to board our next flight. Our next flight was from ORD to LHR (Chicago to London Heathrow Airport.) It would be an overnight flight.

Open Bar


The next few flights to Tangier would be as follows:

ORD to LHR (Chicago to London)

LHR to FRA (London to Frankfurt Germany)

FRA to MAD (Frankfurt to Madrid Spain)

MAD to TNG (Madrid to Tangier, Morocco)

Needless to say, this was going to be an adventure and I want to take in every single bit… and report back!      

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