FRA to MAD | Latam Airlines | Business Class | Dreamliner 787 | Flight 4

I managed to sleep about 3 hours in Frankfurt, which was ah-mazing! I made my way back to the Frankfurt airport (located across the street from the Hilton Garden Inn). I also managed to get lost on the way to my gate and realized I was walking the wrong direction. I stopped to look at the screens, only to find I was at the wrong terminal.

See what I mean about the fire inside the woods looking out at the snow???

I had 35 to 40 min to spare after security. Therefore, I decided to check out the lounge. It was cute. The theme was a giant fire pit inside the woods where you can view the snowfall… Not kidding. It was very cool.

The snacks were light, sandwiches, yogurt, a few trays of cheese and ham. It was nothing like the London business class lounge but it was good enough for 30 min. I grabbed a snack, a quick drink and headed towards my flight.

Different layout

The set up was completely different from what I’m used to on American Airline Dreamliner flights. The pods were a different shape. They were rectangle and they seemed closer together. You can converse with the person you’re with better. The seats retracted forward instead of diagonal. However, you still got a seat that turned into a bed, so I’m not complaining. The color theme was cute, shades of red and gray. The coat hanger is positioned directly in front of you, next to your TV.


As, we sat and got comfortable

Coat hanger by the TV

the flight attendants asked if I would like a beverage. I asked for a Pisco Sour, a beverage I haven’t tried before. A Chilean original beverage. It was good and yes, sour.

One of the best parts about this flight were the seats! I haven’t experienced this anywhere else but I heard this might be the norm soon. The seats had a ‘massage’ option. All you have to do is hit a button. Now, I have to clarify. This massage was not that great… but the fact that it was on option was fantastic. I kept my massage on for the majority of the flight.

Our flight from Frankfurt to Madrid was a little over an hour. However, they still managed to fit in a meal. I chose the pork dish which came with a salad. The flight attendant suggested a Chilean red wine to pair it with and I said yes to the wine! You can’t go wrong with Chilean wine, they know what they’re doing.

We landed in the beautiful Madrid airport around 10pm and made our way to find some ground transportation. We grabbed a taxi, since it was a fixed rate of 20 Euros to our Hilton Airport Hotel, and headed to bed for this overnight layover in Madrid.

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