LHR to FRA | American Airline: Flight 3

The flight from London Heathrow to Frankfurt airport was uneventful. At this point I had been up for 26 hours with only a nap in between. I was tired. However, during the planning period, I thought it would be wise to book a room across the street from the Frankfurt airport. A room rented by the hour.

I had a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt and I needed a nap, badly. I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, located inside, what appeared to look like a mall connected via transportation tunnels and terminals that all flowed into the airport.

Lets step back a bit. My tired brain couldn’t really process what was going on. The Frankfurt airport is way larger than you think. We landed at the opposite end of the hotel so we took the airport tram to the proper side. This took about 10 minutes including wait time. After we arrived, walking to the front of the airport took awhile. We followed the signs to the nearest exit were it felt like we were walking in circles until we found signs that led us down a tunnel. A long, expansive tunnel where it seemed the end would never come. By the time we got to the end of this tunnel we thought we had arrived. It turns out our hotel was at the furthest point. But alas, we made it.

The room was exactly what I needed for a nap. A big bed and the ability to turn out the lights, natural and unnatural.

I should note: this video is not a video of the airport, its a video from the hallways of the Hilton Garden Inn looking at the expansive corridors of the tunnels and runways that are connected to the airport. This is not inside the airport though, its across the street.

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