The London House by Hilton Hotel Review

Hannibal Lecture couldnt have said it better… “A room with a view…”

The London House is in the middle of everything. It’s in a great downtown location, two blocks from the nearest train station.

Finding the hotel was the easy part. Once you see the sign, you walk in and notice a restaurant to your right, stairs in front of you and elevators in a hallway to your left. I was a bit confused. Where do I check in? I don’t see a concierge. Security redirected me to the second floor. It was confusing to say the least. However, the hallway and ornamentation was beautiful. I was impressed by the ornateness of the entrance. The elevators are fancy. As you push your floor number on the pad, it assigns you an elevator. I like that. Pretty fun.

We get to the second floor and proceed to check-in. The second floor is also beautiful. It’s a huge, piano bar and lounge. The view from the massive floor to ceiling windows shows you the beautiful area that surrounds you.

After checking in, I head straight to the room on the 11th floor. I had a gorgeous river view. The room is angled and the river view and Chicago skyline is breathtaking. I could see the many boats in the river. The kayakers having fun. The pedestrians walking to their destinations. It was a hustle and bustle I love in a big city. If anything, the views made this hotel worth it.

The room:

Great bed and art

The room is your typical hotel room. It had a king size bed (as requested) a flat screen TV, a desk and a lounging chair. The decor was cute and thoroughly thought out. The art on the wall is nice, but nothing spectacular, your usual hotel room art.

I had free water and coffee along with a nice mini fridge to store any leftovers I may have.

The restrooms are modern, equipped with a shower and a toilet, no tub. It also had the basic amenities like soap, conditioner, shampoo etc.

The color scheme of the room was great. I liked it overall.

The restroom was modern and nice but nothing over the top…


Lets start with the good. The rooftop bar is INCREDIBLE. The views are heavenly. You can see far down the river. The skyscrapers tower over the city with authority. The wind caresses your face with gentle love. It’s a place to make memories, take selfies and blow up your Instagram page.

It has a gym but I didn’t use it. But at least it has one.

The lounge bar is great. The drinks are good and strong. I ordered a couple along with some desserts which are also great. The prices are a little high, but expected for a high-end boutique.

The restaurant to the right of the hotel, on the first floor, is where the breakfast is served. However, it is very chaotic. I waited about 45 minutes to be seated. After being seated other people would walk in without waiting and sat themselves. The service was bad. The hotel breakfast menu consisted of toast and granola, coffee and tea, or you could order from the regular, restaurant menu. It was disorder and madness. I did not like it, I was pissed by the end of breakfast. This is the only major negative of this hotel. I hope they get their act together soon.

The other major negative of this hotel: You’re literally directly in front of Trump tower. The first thing you see out your window is his name, Trump.

Let me break it down for you:


  • $160 per night… Not bad for such luxury!
  • It was a two night stay
  • Beautiful hotel
  • Great amenities
  • Gym.
  • Great AC
  • Amazing rooftop bar
  • Great bar lounge on the second floor
  • Amazing location
  • Central to everything
  • Friendly staff
  • Good view of the river and skyscrapers


  • A bit pricey
  • The restaurant on the first floor sucked
  • Very popular and crowded — The rooftop bar is open to the public and there are long lines to go up.
  • Looks out at trump tower

Would I stay here again? Yes.

The view from the Rooftop bar! Its breathtaking… also very crowded…
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