The Rock of Gibraltar

The great thing about heading to Gibraltar for vacation is that everything pretty much revolves around one place: The Rock of Gibraltar.

It’s a no-brainer.

Yes, Gibraltar has a great downtown area. Its historic and beautiful. It has all the shops and modern coffee shops that every other city has. It has historical structures and statues. The entire city is pretty picturesque.

There are pubs and restaurants sea-side with a nice view. You can eat fish and chips till your tongue falls off.

Gibraltar has a great botanical garden you can walk around, relax and enjoy during your vacation. However, these attractions are the cherry on top of the cake.

The Rock of Gibraltar

If you’re traveling to Gibraltar chances are you’re here because you want to climb this giant and iconic rock.

The top of the rock not only has spectacular views but it’s also filled with wild monkeys. These monkeys are cute. Often roaming in packs this is a site to see.

Be aware, the monkeys can get aggressive if they sense food. Just like human beings, they learn quickly. This means, they know how to get into people’s bags, purses and pockets. Just watch out. If you do have food, they can get a little aggressive as they know we’re a sucker for a cute face.

It’s amazing to say the least.

You can get on the rock via cable car or you can take a taxi to the top.

The next stop on this rock should be the spectacular caves system that are now an amazing amphitheater. Although, I did not go, the pictures online make it seem as though they even have a full bar inside the caves.

If you get a chance to tour this cave system. Make sure you do!

This cave system is not the only though. There’s another set of caves that were used during the World War II era. They were turned into a military base. You can also tour this amazing, yet creepy caves. There’s a rumor going around that its possibly haunted. If you manage to catch any orbs or disembodied spirits, please send it to me so I can marvel at your amazing images.

If caves aren’t your thing a nice hike around The Rock is a good way to go. From The Rock Hotel you can see bridges that swing with the wind. The birds circle the bridges looking for a good meal.

The Rock has many great sights you can visit. There are amazing natural structures, botanical gardens and even a light house.

The best thing about The Rock of Gibraltar is that it’s basically one-stop shop for all the tourist attractions you want to see.

A few images of the Botanical Gardens:

Let me break it down for you:

  • Gibraltar is literally 2 miles long.
  • You can do everything in a couple of days.
  • Its beautiful and quaint
  • The Rock of Gibraltar has all the attractions
  • Don’t go when its raining. Things shut down due to weather.
  • Don’t go when there are cruises around. This ensures all services like taxis and cars will be in use, especially if its raining.

Check out my experience. It rained and there were two cruises in town. Needless to say, we were not able to do much of anything. Do I recommend it? Yes. Its fun, especially if you get so see monkeys!


Here is my experience:

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