The Rock Hotel of Gibraltar | A Luxury Hotel Review

After arriving at Gibraltar airport we took the shortest cab ride to The Rock Hotel. This hotel is situated on the rock of Gibraltar. It’s Gibraltar’s five star hotel that overlooks the city. This hotel is definitely a great place to stay for anyones luxury travel vacation.

The Rock Hotel Suites

The rock hotel suite
Our bed

The luxury suites are amazing. There’s a living area with a couch, table and dinning room section. The bedroom is big, well decorated and comfortable. The king size bed is soft and the blankets are great. Getting a king sized bed in Europe is not as easy as it sounds, therefore this is incredible.

There’s a giant flat screen TV across the bed. The AC vent blows directly on you from the ceiling (I love a cold hotel room.) However, the AC controls were a little difficult to work with.

The balcony is big enough to lounge on and enjoy the breathtaking view. Although, they tell you not to leave the balcony door open because wild monkeys will climb in your room looking for food. The balcony door has two functions, it can open slightly from the top or it can open as a regular door. This ensures the monkeys don’t get in. In my experience, we saw a family of monkeys climbing our balconies during our stay. It was incredible.

the rock hotel suite living space
The living space in our suite

The restrooms are basic but have all the amenities you’ll need for your stay. If I had any complaints about the restroom it’s the lack of water pressure in the shower but otherwise the room was perfect.

The Amenities

The concierge is very nice. They will do everything to accommodate you. They have an umbrella service for when its rains. However, if there’s a strong storm they might be out of them. I broke my umbrella in the storm. It was not pretty.

The Rock Hotel has a great restaurant and bar. We used the restaurant the first night and had a delicious dinner. Although we started with salmon flavored cupcakes. This cute and small pink cupcake looked delicious. Even though I don’t like cupcakes I threw it in my mouth and realized it’s was made out of salmon. I chewed it up and gulped it down and quickly told my partner it was fish flavored.

salmon flavored cupcake
Salmon flavored Quiche or cupcake or whatever it was…

He detests seafood and gave me his, which I didn’t eat. As the chef came by to see how everything was, she notices a cupcake on my plate and gave me stern talking to… Please do not shove food down my throat! Even food that’s not mine.

high tea in The Rock Hotel Gibraltar
High tea tower of goodies!

The bar is big. It has great lighting and decor. However, the service is slow. Americans like fast service. This bar took its time to get our drinks. We’re not used to that. The drinks were superb nonetheless.

The bar acts as a separate restaurant. The next day we had high tea. The tea is lovely and the tower of scones, sandwiches and desserts is tasty. High tea is a must, even if you don’t eat at the other restaurant.


Let me break it down for you:

  • Rates are from 150 pounds to 210 pounds per night depending on the room
  • The Rock Hotel is on The Rock of Gibraltar
  • Monkeys climb on your balcony
  • Amazing concierge
  • The suites are amazing
  • Comfortable beds
  • Two great restaurants
  • Full bar

Is this hotel worth it? I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I would definitely recommend The Rock Hotel. Check out their website for more info

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