Helicopter Tour is a Must in Dubai

Before this Round the World trip… Before heading to Paris and London and even before

helicopter tour dubai
The views of each skyscraper is incredible from up here.

arriving in Dubai one of the things me and my partner decided on is taking a helicopter tour of Dubai! I have to say, it was damn worth it!

Dubai is deceptively spread out. There are so many skyscrapers in the city, it looks compact when you see it from afar. However, when you take account the resorts, the manmade islands, the gigantic futuristic buildings, the Burj Khalifa and everything in between the easiest and fastest way to see it all is via sky.

We purchased our tickets through viator.com. Prices range from $185 USD to about $232 USD depending on the length of the tour and the package (these prices are per person.)

The Helicopter Tour

We arrived at the Tours main office, on Palm Island. The tour offered complimentary hotel pick up and drop off, which is a great perk. We checked in and sat in the waiting area. You must have a valid Passport to check in.

30 minutes later they briefed us on safety. For example, selfie sticks are not allowed. No sticking your hands out of the helicopter. Keep seat belt fastened at all times. Cameras with giant lenses are not permitted. I have a Canon Rebel t6i with basic 18-55mm lenses… Anything after 400mm lenses is not allowed. Loose items like sunglasses are not allowed. However, a locker will be provided for you.

They weighed each person to keep the flight evenly distributed… This is where I discovered I had gained LOTS OF WEIGHT. How could I be 10 lbs heavier?!? OMG… Anyway, that’s not the point.

From here we walked through a metal detector and escorted outside.

I sat in the back seat in between three other people. You would think this is the worse view but it was amazing. I am so glad I did this.

You get to see Atlantis hotel from the sky, right off Palm Island. At one point you fly over The World, a collection of private islands shaped like each continent of our beautiful planet. You also fly inland and see the amazing architecture this city has to offer.

Since this is a desert city, you often get sand storms. Our day was clear. However, we were told all tours were cancelled the previous day due to sand storms.

The day couldn’t be any clearer.

After a quick 20 minute flight or so we landed. They snapped a professional picture of us and we departed in our complimentary ride.

If you ever get a chance to do a helicopter tour in Dubai! DO IT! Just hope for a clear day!

The Burk Khalifa from the helicopter and all its nearby skyscraper friends.

Let me break it down for you:

Helicopter tour is a must in Dubai.

  • Viator prices range from $185 to $232
  • Complimentary ride to and from…


  • Sunglasses
  • Loose items
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Cameras with a sense bigger than 400mm

They give you a locker for all loose items, just in case.

My Canon Rebel t6i with a 18-55mm was fine

  • Must have valid passport to check in

Should you do it? Absolutely. The downside is how short it is. Its 20 minutes or so. Flights don’t take off if there’s a sand storm. Unless you like that kind of helicopter madness in your life.

palm island during my helicopter tour
A small clip of my tour flying over Palm Island in Dubai. This helicopter tour was amazing!


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