Shangri-la at The Shard Hotel Review

king size bed at the Shangri-la
We had a comfortable king size bed at the Shangri-la

The Shard. Although this is one of London’s newest buildings, it’s already iconic. Pyramid in shape, it’s called the shard for a reason. From afar, it looks like shards of glass sticking out of Earth. It’s beautiful and elegant. The building itself consists of many offices spaces and a hotel. This hotel is the Shangri-la.

The Shangri-la, synonymous with luxury is what you would expect, stunning! With panoramic views and floor to ceiling windows, no room at this hotel is left without a first-rate view. The staff is incredible and genuinely welcoming. Whatever they do in their training, its working. Not once did I feel like they were being forced to be nice to me. It all seemed natural.

The lobby is grand with an event room underneath. Their restaurant is Ting, located right off the lobby.

Currently, everything is decorated in Christmas decor. It made for a nice welcoming.

The Rooms at the Shangri-la

shangri-la hotel room london
Our lounge area with all my junk on it…

Our room is a Deluxe City View. Luxurious and massive. It has an enormous king size bed, a desk area with free welcome chocolates. The flat screen TV against the floor to ceiling windows is stunning. The snack and mini bar has everything from Korean noodles to drinks and coffee creamer (the creamer is free by the way.)

We have a great coffee machine, which I used multiple times, and a small lounge area near the corner.

I should mention the entire room has floor-to-ceiling windows. The views are spectacular. The curtains are electric and easy to use. However, in a hotel where you’re high up, no one can see if you’re naked. In other words, having your windows open is always a plus.

The Restroom 

Although, we are not in a suite, the restroom is enormous. I can only imagine living in a place with a restroom like this. Equipped with a shower and a great vanity. The vanity has decent lighting and a TV inside the mirror. The mirror has a way of sucking you in, forever! You’ll never leave work in the morning.

Amenities in the restroom are great. Combs, soaps, shampoos, are included. The shower has great water pressure.

The icing on the cake is, the floor to ceiling view and the enormous bath tub. This bathtub sits on the floor. It makes you feel like you are bathing in the heavens, overlooking London. It is simply magnificent.

For approximately $450 pounds per night, you can have a great room with unforgettable views.

The Amenities

The hotel has a great infinity pool on the highest floor. However, it’s not a lap pool. It’s heated and too warm to workout and its filled with people, which I hate. Nevertheless, the views are great and the space is gorgeous. The pool area also has concierge services and a full bar.

Speaking of bars, the bar/lounge at the Shangri-la at The Shard is great. It has an art deco but modern feel. Perhaps its the furniture and the mixture of drinks. They have quirky style drinks. I got one called A Cat Without a Name. It’s a Gin cocktail. It arrived in a tea-cup. What a great surprise…

Me, my mother, sister and partner ate at Ting for dinner. I can’t emphasize the view enough. We sat near the floor-to-ceiling windows. We saw the trains come and go. At night, London is lit up, brightly.

The food is great. I got the risotto dish. My mother got steak and so did my sister. We ordered our champagne and celebrated. It was nice to have my family with me.

At the end of a great meal we ate some chocolates and candy. It was all fantastic.

The only downside of this experience was that we literally spent about 20 hours in London. We did everything we could to fill the time properly.

Let me break it down for you:

The Shangri-la at The Shard is spectacular.

  • Prices start at around 400 GBR (Pounds) per night
  • Great restaurant, Ting
  • Beautiful Pool and Lounge area
  • Great bar
  • Spectacular rooms
  • Amazing staff
  • The views! They’re life changing.
The view from the Shangri-la hotel at the shard london
The view from our room… You can see the London Eye in the distance…
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