How to Get From YUL (Montreal airport) to Montreal City Center

Getting to Montreal city center from the airport is easy. However, YUL airport is not connected to rail or metro lines. Taxi’s are not that expensive. For $40 CAD they will drop you off wherever you need. In my case it’s downtown Montreal.

Finding the taxi stand is the hard part. As you’re exiting the airport look for the stands. At times there may be a wait. Hopefully it’s not snowing and the line isn’t long. Once you find the stand, make sure you get their attention. Once your turn is up, they’ll assign a taxi to give you a lift.

Lets talk Metro Montreal:

If you live in the heart of the city, the Metro Rail in Montreal will take you anywhere you need. In the areas of Berri UQAM, Place Des Arts to Place Des Armes, Place Des Armes to Lucien L’allier, which is in the general downtown area, is connected via underground. Montreal has built an extensive underground city connecting many of the major Metro stations so you can limit your time in the frigid cold of their winters. I will leave a couple of underground city maps here for your use… I say a couple because some of them are harder to read than others.

underground city of montreal
A simpler map of the underground city in downtown Montreal in between the orange line and the green line…
underground city of Montreal (soutterrain)
A more realistic map and portrayal of the underground city of downtown Montreal.

Here are two underground maps I found or as they call it the soutterrain (or subterranean).

If you see this map here:

new purple line at YUL
The purple line is a new line they’re building to connect the airport to the rest of the city

The purple line is the new proposed line that’s supposedly being constructed as you read this. At this time, I am taking a cab ride from the Montreal Airport (YUL) to the city center, where my hotel is. However, all the freeways are closed for construction. The traffic is horrible and the commute is longer than it should be. My taxi is going around McGill, which is a direction I’ve never used in the past. Nevertheless, the price of the taxi is still $40 CAD.

The purple line is being added to some of these freeways to connect the suburbs and the airport to the city center.

I’m all for extended Metro rail lines, especially for vibrant cities like Montreal. I cant wait for them to complete it. It will make the commute better, the traffic lighter. This new purple line will connect lots to the city. It will also make the airport better to get to and easier for travelers like me to hop on and get to the city center.

Getting to the city center is easy. Soon, it will be way easier.

Let me break it down for you:

Taking a cab from the airport is $40 CAD

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