You have to eat this in Berlin Germany

The Doner Kebab is what I would call a Pita Sandwich, but not really. The bread was not pita bread. It was more like a thick sourdough.

Its easy to hold as the bread is folded in half with lots of amazing gyro-esque like meat, sliced into thin pieces, veggies and tasty tasty sauces.

The Doner Kebab is usually around 3 Euros and I gotta say its totally worth it.

There are many people that will tell you that this is a Turkish food. The real story? A Turkish immigrant living in Berlin decided to create this amazing food using food he already ate. It’s what you call a great invention by a Turkish man in Germany. Its also a staple in the fast food industry of Berlin.

Its a must eat when you visit.

Yas! Doner Kebab… give me more! So tasty!
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