What’s a video blogger???

You may or may not know this but I am a travel vlogger… Vlogger stands for Video blogger. I make videos of my travels and post them on youtube. You can check it out here: YouTube.com/DesigningLife. A lot of times I make videos of a real world person, “me,” going to a foreign place and experiencing what its like to be over there so people can see what its like to be in that place. I have a knack for urban legends, creepy things and ghosts stories. Often I include a spooky segment in my videos detailing an urban legend or a haunted or mysterious location. However, recently Ive decided to make this blog so I can report on flights, airlines, flight fares, hotel/hostel reviews, getting to a city via public transportation and how much this all costs. These are all things that make a video BORING. No one wants to watch a video of me riding the metro (although I might make one anyway). But if you’re interested you should check out my YouTube channel and hit that red subscribe button. Subscribing is totally free, but you will get an email every time I post a video, which is about once a week.

So, whats with this blog if I already have a video blog??? Im hoping to update everyone in real time with this blog. Here I can post pictures of my hotel room in Costa Rica (or wherever I may be) while Im there. Or I can report on how bad my flight to a certain place was. Here you will get the reports you want to know from a real person having real experiences. So hit that subscribe button on my YouTube page, bookmark this website and make sure to leave me any questions you may want answered. I love interacting with people!

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