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Side street in Motul

The next day I told the family I would only do a half day with them because I really wanted to explore the city of Merida. I wanted to walk up and down the streets, buy something for my siblings, check out the restaurants and street vendors. This is my last day and I have yet to have time to do much on my own, or even explore the downtown area, where I’m staying. Fortunately for me, they agreed.

My cousin picked me up early in the morning. She said we have to eat in Motul. The city of Motul is famous for their amazing eggs. They have a great market with a breakfast restaurant where Guy Fiero ate and told the world, on national television, how good this place is. However, my cousin said it was famous way before he showed up. He just needed to make sure it was good.

We make it to Motul. My aunt takes me around to take pictures of things, buildings, people selling things on the street. We head into the market afterwards and we are seated.

You sit and order by the egg. A tostada with one, two or three eggs on it. The tostada has refried black beans spread on it. Eggs on top of that. Another tostada on top of that with tomato based salsa. It was delicious. After having my tostada we are off.

Looking for the Pink Lagoon

This is the tricky part. This lagoon is not on any tourist radar — Let me back up a bit. There is another pink lagoon (or I should say lagoons) closer to Cancun that is very popular right now. They’re called Las Coloradas. This is NOT that place.

The pink lagoon is way smaller than Las Coloradas. However, it’s the same concept. Its a lake they use to cultivate sea salt. You can see the edges of the lake drying and the salt crystals around the perimeter. I should probably mention the color of the lake, its natural! I know right? What planet is this? Seriously though… its natural! I love it <3

How did we find it?

We google mapped it and then kept an eye out for pink water. If you blink you miss it, its pretty small. As we saw it, we pulled over the side of the highway, put our blinkers on and walked right on over.

Its gorgeous. Seriously. Beautiful and picturesque. I have, literally, never seen something like this before.

Let me break it down for you:

Look for it. It’s worth it. Its about a 45 min drive from Meriday, Yucatan, the capital of Yucatan. It’s a quick trip and its free.

I know, its just a lake… but its beautiful and there is nothing else like it. A PINK LAKE!

It is a sight you must see
El Lago Rosa

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