Tangier, Morocco | The Medina

Entrance to the Medina… One of them

The medina is the ancient part of the city. Literally inside of medieval walls. The streets are labyrinths, guaranteed to get you lost. So guess what I did? I intentionally decided I wanted to get lost.

I set out in the morning, while my partner was swimming a few miles for the day and gave myself a goal. Lets reach the Kasbah through the Medina, which you can. However, I knew I would definitely get lost if I didn’t have any markers.

I walked round the city for a bit before going into this unknown adventure. I walked a few blocks to familiarize myself with where my hotel was relative to other well-known structures of the city, including one of the entrances to the Medina.

A shoe store in the Medina

I found the fountain in the Grand Socco. In front of the fountain there is a giant Mosque. Across the Mosque, beyond the fountain, there was an entrance to the Median. It was a giant archway.

I entered and walked down hill, through several shops and by many cafe’s and restaurants until I finally got to a place I was familiar with. There was a sign… Or I should say a piece of wood that looked like an arrow with the word “KASHAB” painted on it. I looked in the direction it was pointing only to realize it was pointing at a very tight doorway, almost hidden by three restaurants.

Long stretches of alleyways and little streets

I thought this had to be a mistake, that looks like the back entrance to a restaurant! Who am I to say how this city functions? I followed the sign and walked down thin streets. The streets were corridors where housing, cafe’s, restaurants, hostels and even hotels were. I didn’t see any street signs and I knew if I made a wrong turn I would not find my way back easily. I decided to walk in a straight line. That way, all I have to do is turn around to find my way back.

I walked in a straight line until I couldn’t anymore. The roads began to split and the road I was on began to curve. I no longer felt like I knew where I was. To be honest, it felt like I was walking in dark and lonely alleyways. I’m from LA, you don’t walk in dark and desolate alleyways unless you’re looking for drugs or you have a ‘mugging’ fetish… It kinda freaked me out. Since I was just walking around, all I had is my camera. I didn’t bring any cash, wallet, nothing… I had nothing anyone wanted to take.

I came across kids playing soccer. Families relaxing by their front door. Signs for hostels and hotels pointing them in the proper direction and cute stores.

I grabbed my cell phone, took pictures, documented by walk and decided to walk back and head back to my hotel. Needless to say I didn’t make it to the Kasbah… but that doesn’t mean I wont try again. Besides, I was getting hungry!

looking upward
The buildings were so colorful though
Very different yet very beautiful


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