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Schuwz is a gay friendly venue in Berlin. Me and my friends looked at a list of happening clubs for a Saturday night. It was also walking distance from my friends AirBnb. Therefore, we thought, it would be great to check out some gay venues nearby before going to Schwuz.

As we bar-hopped around we eventually made it to 80s night at Schwuz. It was hosted by a drag queen that called herself Jurassica Parka.

This club is amazing! Its a large venue with multiple rooms, all with a different theme. The entire venue has a decrepit warehouse feel, filled with crumbling concrete walls painted with graffiti. The lighting also helped with the spooky ambiance. I have never seen so many amazing venues in one city. It appears Berliners have the art and club scene down! The walls have random projections of fish swimming. The graffiti art on the walls is amazing. The red and purple lighting is great.

As you pay your 12 Euro entrance fee you walk through a black room and finally enter the venue. Its a long venue with its first room to your right. This room was 80s inspired. It played only 80s music. It had lasers projecting from the ceiling and lounge seating in the back. This room is also connected to the restroom.

Me and my friends taking a club selfie…

As you exit this room and head towards the back, you walk past the restroom and into another room. This room was Electronica inspired. It only played electronica and it was filled with guys and gals dancing by themselves or with friends. People stood on the side-lines and smoked or chatted with friends. This room was the least exciting but we still managed to dance and have fun in here as well.

The main room is the pop or top 40s room. Its massive and its divided into different sections. There is a bar near the back. There is also a huge dance floor with a stage at the back as well. Everybody was dancing the night away.

In the middle and off to the side, there seemed to be a DJ booth with two guys. One dressed in drag and the other dressed like a giant fluffy dog.

The music they played was great. They seemed to alternate with modern pop music and older but popular music.

There is an elevated platform to the left of this dance floor where one could sit and sip their drink. They had creme puffs and fruity shots for free… There were also a couple of guys dressed in 80s clothing with a futuristic twist passing out candy.

Pass the elevated platform there is a ping pong table where groups of friends would play games of ping pong I’ve never seen before. It was fascinating to watch. The group that played sprints around the ping pong table taking turns hitting the ball as they ran in a circle. It was crazy!

The venue itself catered to a younger crowd. At least it seemed so tonight. Guys and girls were there to dance and have a great night drinking and dancing. There is no darkroom to hook up with guys if you meet someone you like.

We hit the dance floor in each room and danced until we were sweating.

Then… Jurassica Parka came on stage and announced the drag queen of the night who sang a mashup of The Eurythmics. It was fantastic.

It was fun, joyous and accepting of everyone. There were even a few people on the dance floor in wheelchairs. However, the most interesting thing was how random strangers would ask the people in wheelchairs to dance. It was so cute and friendly. It almost made me cry of happiness to see everyone getting along regardless of race, disability, sexual orientation or body size. Everyone was here to have a good time.

I left my friends dancing the night away because I told some of my hostel mates I would hang out with them later that night… However, I left at 3am, by the time I got back to my hostel, walking, two trains, and walking some more, it was 4am… Needless to say my hostel mates were already asleep.

Nevertheless, I had a blast dancing to some great 80s tunes, hanging out with some friends and sipping on my beer.

Let me break it down for you:

12 Euros entry fee

Great space – 3 rooms with different music

No darkroom

gay friendly (not gay only) — But they say its a gay club

great music

Come here with friends it didn’t feel like the kind of place you go on your own.

I definitely recommend this venue for dancing.

Located at Rollbergstrasse 26 Berlin

You can check out their site here:


My friends lounging in the 80s room
My friend posing in front of the club graffiti… some awesome art all over the place.
Im not sure but I think this person in a dog suit was one of the DJ’s… so my friend wanted a picture with him… the entire venue was fun…
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