Santa Ana Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) airport American Airlines Airbus 737 Coach review

I got back from Athens on the same plane, same airline as I arrived, Air Berlin. After 12 hours in the air, I was so ready to get off.

I got home and realized the immediate culture shock. LA seemed like a sleepy little town, where everyone was mad about their day and their lives. No one cared to talk to anyone, even when you go to venues where people are supposed to do that, like the gay bars. LA doesn’t seem very friendly after going to a place like Berlin, where everyone is about having a good time and the locals are very nice to tourists.

Luckily for me I have a client that lives in Phoenix, Arizona. He owns several properties throughout Central Phoenix and he recently had a couple of tenants move out of his units. He repainted the exterior and interiors and he needed me to fly over, take pictures of the new paint job and update his website with them.

I immediately bought a plane ticket out of LA for that weekend.


The space between my knees and the seat in front of me

The great thing about a flight to Phoenix is the length. It’s about 55 minutes or less if they hustle. Regardless, its quick and easy.

I sat in a couch seat near the window. The space between my knees and the seat in front of me was fine. Nothing to rave about, but also nothing to complain about.

This new-ish plane is an airbus 737 with absolutely no entertainment in the coach area. No TV. I thought that was weird. However, I realized as I was reading their information pamphlet, that you can stream movies if you download their go-go inflight app. Since I was already in the air and didn’t have access to wifi, I did not. It was fine. It’s only an hour flight. I can handle an hour without technology.

I got my usual bloody mary and sipped on it until the flight was over. The shoulder space on the seat is normal for this type of plane. My unusually large shoulders stick out just a little but there was no one next to me, so that helped.

The flight is quick and easy and I was on the ground in no time.

The shoulder test: you can see my shoulders stick out of the seat…

Let me break it down for you:

  • $242 round trip from SNA (Santa Ana Airport to Phoenix Sky Harbor)
  • One hour flight
  • No Entertainment TV
  • Purchased alcoholic beverages
  • Free nuts and/or pretzels
  • Free movie streaming if you download their inflight app, Go-go Inflight app

You can usually find cheaper… Just keep searching… I mean, not like 100 round trip but I would say 150 to 200 is about decent for this airfare.

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