The Ritz Carlton Kowloon, Hong Kong Hotel Review

We took the airport train over to The Ritz Kowloon, Hong Kong. It’s very easy to get to because The Ritz Carlton Kowloon is inside the ICC building. This also means there is a train station, literally below the hotel.

It was early in the morning and we were pretty much the only passengers on the train.

We got off and wandered the massive mall in the ICC. All of the stores are closed at 6:30am. I am very tired at this time.

We finally found the escalators that lead to The Ritz Carlton and proceed to check-in. The issue here is, it’s too early to check-in. Check-in is usually around 2pm and up. Therefore, they don’t have a room ready for us. However, since we booked a club level room, we were escorted to one of the top floors of the ICC where the club lounge is located.

Here we spoke to the concierge in the lounge. He said he was going to try to find us a room to check in now. If not, they would have a room available as soon as possible.

We made ourselves at home and got breakfast in the lounge. To my surprise there was a full buffet of delicious asian noodles, dumplings, pastries, coffee options and much more. I got a plate full of noodles and a cup of coffee. Followed by dumplings and some good needed pastries. I was full and happy.

We waited a short time before the concierge came back and told us he might have a room in the smoking section of the building. As long as it didn’t smell, I would be fine with it. He assured us they take great measures to keep the room as fresh as possible. He also said the only room available at the time is a suite. In other words we would be upgraded to a suite that goes for $700 plus a night, for no additional cost.

He took us to view the unit to help us make our decision. It did not smell at all and it was spectacular! We took the room. We got our keys and called it a day!

The Suite That Was Inside The Ritz Carlton Kowloon 

My favorite fainting couch in the world

The suite is spectacular. The best part is that we did not have to pay extra for it. A free upgrade with club level service? What more could you want? But, there is more. The suite had a fainting couch, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows overlooking the harbor. The views are incredible.

A sectional, with a flat screen TV and drawers acted as a partition between the room and living area of the suite. The bedroom had a king size bed and another seating nook.

The restroom, although still great is the least amazing part of the room. It had a full tub and a shower. A double vanity and a TV as well, in case you wanted to take a bubble bath and watch your favorite TV shows while you luxuriate.

I could sit in this room all day and stare out the window.

This was my suite

Extra Extra


Booking a club lever room gave us access to the Club Lounge. However, there is more to this than we anticipated. With six different meals to choose from everyday, we were set. The meals are also included with your hotel. This means, each of the 6 meals per day are free.

These six free meals (which are only included if you book a club level room) include:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • high tea
  • happy hour
  • dinner
  • midnight cocktail

I should also mention free champagne all day.

This is apart from their Michelin star restaurants.

Did You Say Chauffeur Service?

I sure did say chauffeur service. For no additional charge you get driven around in a state of the art Tesla. Although I have to say I thought this was going to be gimmicky. It’s really not.

There are several rules you have to follow to use this service. First, you need to book with the club lounge and make sure there’s a driver available. In other words, if you did not book a club level room, you cannot use this service. 

The next step is to book in advance. They tell you to book ahead of time but we always booked around 30 minutes beforehand without a problem. It appears this service is underused. There are several drivers and we never had a hard time booking one.

The last rule is, it will only drive you about 5 miles from The Ritz. This sounds like too many limitations but Hong Kong is such a pedestrian city you don’t really want to be in a car anyway.

To start off Hong Kong is a car unfriendly city. Even so, a 5 mile radius will get you to many of the great public transportation hubs. From there, you can get to any part of the city.

Overall, being inside a Tesla day after day with a private driver felt super luxurious and a must for any luxury traveler-to-be.

The Ritz Amenities

You thought that was it? Think again.

The Ritz has basic amenities like other hotels. However, they are anything but basic.

The pool. Located on the highest floor in the building is a 25 meter pool. This means you can swim laps (if you’re a swimmer like me.) It also means you get to swim on top of the world making this pool the highest set lap pool on the globe.

The views are spectacular as you sit and recline and relax or swim laps. It’s a view to die for.

If the pool doesn’t take your breath away, the jacuzzi and hot tub will. Located right outside of the pool area, in a separate glass box there’s a floor to ceiling glass lounge area with a hot tub. From here you can view the amazing mountains and high rises that create the beautiful city that is Hong Kong or soak up the sunset.

If you continue to walk around the jacuzzi deck, you will eventually hit the gym. The gym is filled with many machines and all the basics you need. The hardest thing about this gym is working out. How can you work out when you have an amazing view?

Gotta love making these GIFs for you guys… This is the pool inside the Ritz Kowloon. 25 meters long with spectacular views.

The Spa

The spa has lots of great options. It has body wraps to massages. I chose a massage that encompassed a little of everything. It included a full facial, a back massage and a pedicure/leg exfoliation. I forget what the name of this package is but it’s the perfect package for anyone wanting a little of everything. To make the best of the situation you can go early and lounge in the sauna or steam room or simply lounge in the spa deck overlooking the beautiful landscape while you sip on some tea or water.


The top floor has the pool, the gym and even a chic bar and nightclub called Ozone. I went briefly one night but it was cold and very busy. There was nowhere to sit and the clouds had set in. This meant we, literally had our heads in the clouds. We passed by waft of clouds. I felt the gossamer water droplets caress my face as I made my way through the deck.

Although it was beautiful, it’s open to the public. Therefore, I didn’t stay. However, that’s not to say I didn’t like it. I loved it. Given another chance I will go back and enjoy what they have to offer.

Let me break it down for you:

The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, Kowloon is a luxury resort hotel in the tallest building in Hong Kong. Should you try it? OH MY GOD, YES!

  • Rooms start at around $450 (USD) per night
  • Amazing amenities
  • Panoramic views in the pool area
  • 25 meter pool
  • Hot tub on top of the world overlooking Hong Kong island
  • Great gym
  • Michelin star restaurants inside the hotel
  • Amazing club lounge with 6 different dinning experiences a day which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, high tea, happy hour and midnight snack.
  • Great Spa with massages, body wraps, facials a sauna and steam room
  • Ozone nightclub literally touching the clouds.

This is an expensive resort. Even though I enjoy budget travel, splurging on something like this is good if you get your money’s worth. I gotta tell you The Ritz Carton in Kowloon is worth every penny.

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