Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Review | Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the busiest airports in America. It’s very big and built to be an efficient people moving machine! Even though, statistically its a busy airport its massiveness makes it seem empty.

The traffic flow in and out of the airport is also very well thought out. In fact traffic engineers made it so traffic flows the opposite direction, like in the UK. For whatever reason, it works.

The interior is decorated with dessert chic art. It is very well thought out.

I spend a lot of time in Arizona helping out my client with his website, creating “For Rent” signs with my graphic design programs so I pretty much know this airport like a native.

The only weird thing is the international arrivals section. After disembarking your flight, you are pushed through a basement where customs and immigration are. You are then taken through long hallways, around the airport and up stairs until you finally reach the main part of the airport.

There is a free shuttle to the rental car services and there is also a Sky Train to the Metro rail system outside of the airport.

This is where I wind up, at the rental car station after arriving in Phoenix for my weekend. I’m glad to be here after spending a month in Europe. At least now I can find a place where I can ease my way back and ease my culture shock transition.

Let me break it down for you:

  • PHX airport is huge and efficient
  • Underground customs and immigration is kinda weird but crowds are the same as any other airport
  • the airport has a shuttle service to the rental car center
  • The Sky Train takes you right outside the airport where you can catch the Metro Rail.
  • This airport is easy

Here is a map of the Airport for your convenience. You can use the map attached to this blog post if you need! =)

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