How to Get Around Paris: The Paris Metro Rail Map

The Paris Metro Rail is extensive! For those that live in cities like San Francisco California or New York City, it might feel familiar.

The Paris Metro consists of two rail systems, the Metro Rail and the RER system. Together they are interwoven to form one of the best rail system in a metropolitan city. There are 16 lines and 303 stations altogether. Getting around Paris is easy. Well, easy if you’re familiar with rail systems.

If you’re from LA, like me, you may have to learn a few things. Even though Los Angeles has a Metro Rail system, it’s not very extensive and most people don’t use it.

How to Use the Paris Metro Rail

First, figure out where you’re going… Next, find the line. The direction of your destination is determined by the name of the last stop on the Metro. It’s 1.90 Euros each direction. They offer day passes and a passes with 10 pre-paid rides at a discounted price.

Currently, there are two different Metro Maps… Don’t be discouraged, the Metro system is the same. However, one of the maps is a modern adaptation of the system. It’s been adapted to be easier to follow. For example, instead of following a single rail with turns and angles, they’ve made this map so it reads more like a circle. Its pretty, but if you’re familiar with the old map, it can be a little confusing.

Ill leave both maps for your use. Feel free to save them on your phone. Or email this post to yourself for later use.

Let me break it down for you:

Metro and RER stations make the Paris Metro extensive.

  • It takes you everywhere.
  • 1.90 Euros per ride.
  • Easy to use once you get a little practice

Here are the maps:

metro map paris
This is a modern adaptation of the Metro Rail system of Paris. Dont worry its the same Metro system… This map is supposedly easier to read. Dont worry though, Ill post the original below just in case. Feel free to download both.
Metro Map Paris
Feel free to download this map. This is the original metro map… not the new modern adaptation. Both maps are the same, with the same lines. One just looks different.
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