Mexico City

Me, an artists being art

This was my first time in Mexico City. I spent four days here. I have to say 4 days is not enough. I feel I cannot give a full review on this city.

This massive city is said to be the biggest in North America. There are countless neighborhoods, lots of restaurants, major gay areas, weird things to see, abandoned buildings, ancient artifacts and remnants of an ancient civilization and weird food to eat (among great food as well). Mexico City is one of those places you need to live in before you get a real feel for it.

At the same latitude as Merida Yucatan, you would think this city is hot, but it’s actually not. If you look at where the city is built you can see it was built on a 7 thousand foot tall mountain. The elevation makes it very cool in comparison with the Yucatan peninsula. Not only is this city built on top of a mountain, it’s actually built inside of the mouth of a dead volcano. At one point this dead volcano was filled with water. Now that this water has been drained, it is a giant city for all to see.

The elevation of this city makes it hard to breathe, walk, or exercise on a daily basis. It takes about a week to adjust and I was only there for 4 days. Needless to say, I did not adjust and I felt very weak, with bad headaches the entire time I was there.

There is so much culture in this city. From ancient culture that is still alive, to Spanish and French influences. The city boasts an impressive architectural spectrum. It has massive cathedrals with detailed facades. The opera houses are classic and beautiful. The parks are well laid out and worth a view.

The architecture of this city is worth learning about. There is a well-known fact that the soil of this city is unstable, the city is sinking. Some buildings are sinking more than others. You can see slanted buildings. Other buildings look like they are built on a lower level. The truth is it’s just sunken. Some buildings are abandoned for safety reasons.

So many people everywhere

Areas of Mexico City reminded me of Tokyo, with its massive pedestrian only streets and waves upon waves of humans just walking about making their weekend a reality.

Like any giant city, traffic is terrible as there are many pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, motorcyclist EVERYWHERE. Also, the streets seem to have the most bizarre traffic patterns I’ve ever seen. I would advise against renting a car.

With so much to do and so much to see, you need a plan of attack. My plan was to eat my way through Mexico City and find weird and fascinating things to report back on.

I did not expect to get altitude sickness while I was there. It made it very difficult for me to do much of anything.

However, I managed to find lots of restaurants to eat. I explored La Zona Rosa, or the nearby Gay Zone. I checked out some sinking churches. Walked by El Zocalo, or the government square. I ate some weird stuff as well as discovered some things I might need to come back to…

Mexico City is wild and must be visited more than once in one lifetime.

Some great public art all over the city
Every large city has graffiti… But this is a masterpiece. Edgar Allan Poe is blessing this city!


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