Eurostar Review in 1st Class

On the last day we booked a cab and headed straight to Gare Du Nord train station to catch the Eurostar. I love how easy it is to get from country to country in Europe. All countries are connected by train and most big cities have a good metro system to rely on.

Couscous and wine on the Eurostar.

Gare du Nord is a giant train station with many trains headed towards other cities and countries. We were taking the Eurostar. It’s a 2.5 hour train ride to get 285 miles. Its speedy and it’s not that expensive. We were able to get a great price for the business class seats. They were having a promotion therefore prices were cheaper. However usually $80 (one way) will get you from Paris to London.

We found the tracks to the Eurostar and immigrated, like you do at the airport, into the UK. The immigration lines were small and speedy. However, once you immigrate you can’t go to other parts of the train station.

On this particular train ride. We boarded the first class cabin and relaxed for a bit. Equipped with wi-fi the entire way, my non-European phone could browse Facebook and Instagram until I tired out!

I’ve only ridden the Eurostar once in 2007 therefore I can’t remember if they had a food cart. However, we did. We got the tiniest and cutest meal! It was couscous and chicken, rice, a piece of bread and a fruit tart. We were given some wine and choice of beverage like coffee or tea. I always choose coffee. I’m an addict!

Although it was my mother, sister, me and my partner, the spacious seating made it comfortable enough so we could ride and not annoy each other.

The Eurostar

The Eurostar goes to many places from London. It goes to Paris, and Belgium. It has many smaller destinations in France as well. From these cities you can transfer to another train and get to any great destination. It’s fast and convenient. Most importantly, its inexpensive. On the way from Paris it drops you off at St Pancras station in London. From here you can get the Tube to your hotel or hostel easily. They also have rows and rows of cabs waiting outside if you don’t mind paying a few extra pounds.

Let me break it down:

  • $81 for a general ticket
  • $400 for First (unless they’re having a special)
  • 2.5 hours from Paris to London
  • Free wi-fi
  • Quick, easy and convenient
  • Goes to Belgium and France

Sometimes you can find cheaper plane tickets in EasyJet or RyanAir. If you can’t Eurostar is the way to go!

Check out their website and play around with destinations: Their website.

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