EasyJet Airbus Airbus A319 Review from SXF from ATH (Shönefeld to Athens)

I love European flights. They’re so efficient when it comes to boarding and disembarking. The plane has two entrances/exits. One in the front and one in the back. You enter the plane according to which seat row you’re seated in. It’s twice as effective and quick. The States needs to start doing this because guess what??? All planes have these exits.

This plane has rows with three seats next to each other. I was seated at the window seat. The space between your knees and the seat in front of you is reasonable. Not a lot but enough.

This flight from Berlin to Athens is three hours long. I thought it was closer. Considering that this flight didn’t have any inflight entertainment it was a little boring. Everything on this flight is paid. No free food. No free drink. You have to pay for it all.

I paid 141.36 Euros for this flight which is pretty cheap for a three-hour flight. This is a roundtrip fair because my original flight to Berlin is also a roundtrip ticket back to LA. Therefore I have to come back to catch my flight to LA. Anyway, 141 Euros is still not 20 Euros which you can get if you search Ryan Air constantly for flights within Europe.

My shoulders are to wide for these seats…

The shoulder space— well there is no shoulder space. I have wide shoulders and my shoulders always touch the person next to me. I always end up leaning against the window.

During the flight I chose to buy a Croque Monsieur meal, which meant it came with a Kit Kat Chocolate bar and a drink for 8.50 Euros. Not too bad, but it still wasn’t free.

I managed to pass the time playing games on my iPhone until the flight finally came to an end and we landed safely at ATH (Athens Airport in Greece).

Let me break it down for you:

141 Euros for a flight from Berlin to Athens

Meals or drinks are not free

No in flight entertainment

Croque Monsieur meal for 8.50 Euros

Would I recommend this flight for this price? I would say, keep looking… there might be something better… This is what happens when you buy things at the last-minute.

Croque Monsieur, Kit Kat and Coffee for 8.50 Euros
Leg space
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