Becoming a Restless Nomad

Before I Became a Restless Nomad


Should we start at the beginning? Maybe give you a little background on how I became a restless nomad? Sure. Why not?

Born and raised in LA… I moved to Santa Cruz California for school in 2002. Santa Cruz, a place so different from LA… I was sure I was going to hate it… I just wanted to get away. Nothing could be worse than LA, right?

It turns out I was going to love living in the California Red Wood forest, cliff side with an ocean view. The four years I spent there were magical. Growing as person and finding myself was the right-of-passage I needed. I made amazing and life-long friends. I learned independence and I formed a valid and confident opinion on things. Santa Cruz is where my mind, body, soul were developed. Santa Cruz shaped who I am today. I am forever grateful for this experience.

What nobody tells you about college is after four years, you will be ripped out of that amazing place you called home for so long and you must start fresh, in a world that no essay, no sleepless nights, no amount of cramming can prepare you for: REAL LIFE!

And so my depression began… It turns out a great job, or a nice pay check could not replace my amazing friends and experiences. All the things they call “priceless…?” Ive found them… and I called them “experiences.” I had no idea what to do with myself… I had to prolong this experience!

What did I do???? I did what anyone in that situation would do… move to Costa Rica!

Although I was only in Costa Rica for a couple of months. I had a job. I had friends. Learning the public transportation system and backpacking across the country every weekend was an incredible experience.

Costa Rica was the beginning of my travel addiction. Little would I know my addiction would classify me as a restless nomad.

Let me break it down for you:

Travel! As much as you can, for as long as you can.

All of those corny quotes you see online are true.

I was as jaded as I could be until I discovered that I had not been there or done it all… This enormous world is full of new experiences that will open your mind.

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then travel is the view of the path you should take. –me

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