American Airlines Flight |Coach fare SJO to PHX Review Airbus A319

The flight from San Jose Costa Rica (SJO) to Phoenix Sky Harbor is pretty long. About 5.5 hours. My way home would have been better on a first class seat, but you know… Beggars cant be choosers!

This Airbus A319 is a plane with 3 seats per row. I had a window seat. I usually try to get the window seat. I love the view and I can always lean against the window if I get tired.

The flight was smooth but not without its hiccups. This plane did not have TV screens or inflight entertainment. They did not pass out earphones. Its a good thing I downloaded several movies from iTunes to watch.

The leg room was okay. It was average, about 6 or so inches from my knee to the seat in front of me. I should point out that I am 5’6” tall and weigh about 170 LBS. Just to give you perspective. I say this because, I always have about 6 or so inches of leg room in a coach seat but I find my neighbors are always cramped.

shoulder space

The shoulder space was about average. My overly large shoulders always stick out luckily I didnt have anyone next to me, but I did have a neighbor on the isle seat who looked genuinely annoyed every time I needed to use the restroom.

There was a child seated behind me… I should say it was more of a lap infant. It cried for part of the trip but was surprisingly quiet when I decided to sleep. However, while I was sleeping I woke up to that child grabbing at my face. I did not sleep much on the plane.

We were given a cute snack box to eat with a croissant sandwich, a cookie, and some fruit. It managed to stave my hunger off.

The flight was longer than I expected it. I suppose it was the lack of entertainment system on the plane.

We landed in Phoenix for my layover back to Los Angeles.

Our inflight snack was cute but petit
we were privileged to get a table to eat… but no TV
leg room with my hand fully extended for reference
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