Air Canada Embraer 175 Coach review | From ORD TO YUL (Montreal, Quebec Canada)

shoulders sticking out of the seat
“The shoulder test.” I take a picture of myself seated on seats on a plane to show you how much my shoulders stick out… My shoulders are wider than average. I do this to give you a sense of how wide the seat is…

This Air Canada Embraer 175 flight was late about an hour and a half. I don’t normally fly on Air Canada. I fly on American Air and other One World partners since I have status, but this flight was cheapest to get to Montreal.

The Plane:

The plane itself is small as Embraers usually are. Two seats on each side. I had the aisle seat. The seat in front of me is about a hands length away from my knees, which is pretty good. Each seat had its own movie screen and ear phones were provided, just in case. The seat itself is average, with average comfort as well as back support. My shoulders usually stick out and this was no exception. The great thing is I was sitting with someone I knew, therefore it didn’t matter if my shoulders touched the shoulders of the person sitting next to me.

The flight from Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Montreal (YUL) is about an hour and half. I made sure to start a movie as soon as I sat down. I watched Alien Covenant and settled in for the ride.

The overhead compartments are big enough to store my backpack which is the size of a small duffel bag.

All is cozy on this Air Canada Embraer 175.

The Flight Attendants:

Snacks on Air Canada Embraer 175 Coach
Water and a Chocolate Croissant as my snack…

The flight attendants were nice, although they had a weird rule about not using earphones before the flight started. I understood why, but I thought it was weird. They made me take off my earphones until they realized I was plugged into the airplane seat.

As this short flight progressed the flight attendants passed out a free drink and a free snack. I got a croissant and a water.

Before we knew it we were landing. I had 5 minutes to finish my movie. It’s a quick flight to YUL airport.

Let me break it down for you:

Air Canada you pass the test! What test? The James Quintanilla test of not loathing you.

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