ADO Bus Lines

ADO Bus line is considered a luxury bus liner. If its not considered a luxury liner, it should be. It was more expensive than the other bus line to Merida. Its got spacious, reclining seats. Foot rests. A pocket for your small items. A restroom and TVs for your entertainment. How great is that?

To be honest I didn’t know it was a luxury liner. My boarding pass says first class on it. It was $316 pesos (the lady said its usually $350). Thats almost $16 dollars to get to Merida. I think its worth it. I saw the prices for the budget bus and its $250 pesos. I would assume its not that different but i cant be sure.

Have you ridden these buses before? I would love to know your experience. I would also love to know what the other buses are like? better? Worse? Worth the price?

lights and fans are above you like on a plane
USB power outlets and an American plug for your laptop or whatever is down below by your footrest
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