Tropic Air Flight Model 280B

Trying to keep a straight face during the crazy turbulence

This was my first time flying Tropic Air. Ive flown on small planes before but never on one this small. Let me paint a picture for you. Upon walking up the steps and onto the plane, you are immediately aware of the layout of the entire plane. Its small. The cockpit and both pilots are exposed. After that there are 10 actual seats. I chose to sit at the end. There are two floor seats in the back of the plane for a total of 12 seats. There are no restrooms on. There are

hold your baggage anyway you can!

no overhead compartments or under the seat space for your bags. You must hold your bag in your lap and make sure you don’t get impaled by your laptop when it takes off and lands. To be honest, I was worried most of the flight. My bags were fine. I have one small backpack and a laptop bag.

Take-off and landing were the hardest parts. You could feel every gust of wind. The turbulence of the plane makes your stomach drop. The walls of the plane seem so thing. It almost doesn’t feel safe. Like I said, I was a little scared.

The view was great though

Once we were in the air, the flight was rather smooth. We flew at a good altitude and the view of the jungle was beautiful. I even saw a sink-hole from up above. It made me wonder if this is what its like to have a private jet… Why cant Kim K gift me a private jet?

Tropic Air flights from MID only fly every other day, so I had to cut my Merida stay by one day in order to meet Claude (the bf) in Panama city for the week.

Let me break it down for you:

From MID to BZE (Merida to Belize), one-way $176 USD.

It was a 1.5 hour long flight.

I thought it was a little pricey but the experience you get it priceless.

Would I do this again? Hell yeah!

PS. Youtube vid will come later on… It was a crazy fun and different plane ride.

10 actual seats… this is the inside of the plane… the pilots up ahead
The heavens
The walls of the plane seemed really thin to me
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