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It may seem like a joke, but many people in Thailand travel with a haunted doll. In fact, this doll is called a Child Angel or Luk Thep. In Thailand, purchasing a ticket for your haunted doll is normal when traveling.

Origins of Possessed Items in Thai Culture

thai fetus dry
A dry fetus

Kuman Thong is a popular superstition in Thailand. Essentially meaning “Golden Boy,” this haunted statue of a boy is said to bring luck and fortune if done properly.

Necromancy, is the practice of communicating with the dead to get details of what the future will bring. It’s been around Thai culture for centuries. It is said, when women have a miscarriage or loses the child, witch doctors invoke the spirits of dead babies.

Ancient Thai manuscripts state that practitioners of black magic begin by surgically removing the unborn fetus from the womb. Then, they perform a ceremonial ritual in a cemetery to call upon the Kuman Thong. The witch doctor chants his incantations while the fetus is cremated.

At the end of the ritual the ashes of the Kuman (boy) are diluted with a gold paint derived from gold leafs. It’s then painted on the statue of a boy or girl.

A Golden Boy statue… well actually I believe this one is a Golden Girl…


Luk Thep (Haunted Doll)

What is Luk Thep? Luk Thep is a realistic doll possessed by the spirit of a child. Essentially a different form of Kuman Thong that is wildly popular today. Luke Thep, meaning “Child Angel,” is the spirit of a child that’s invited to live inside the doll. The doll is now reanimated. 

The doll is a blessing for anyone who treats the doll well, bringing luck and fortune. However, if mistreated or neglected the doll will act out, play tricks and misbehave. The important part is the Child Angel protects its family from evil spirits that are lurking in the dark.

Thai Smile Airlines 

Today its common to see these dolls everywhere. In fact, Thai Smile Airlines is letting people buy a seat for their possessed doll. The flight attendants also treat the doll as if it were alive. As a customer you can buy the doll its own meal and they will feed your doll on the plane.

Thai Smile Airlines is regional and travels to many parts of Asia but primarily within Thailand. If you’re ever in the area and need an extra seat for that special doll of yours, don’t worry, Thai Smile Airline’s has your back!

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