Taboga Island Review

Taboga Island is quaint. It has a few hotels and a few restaurants to choose from. We arrived in the evening. We checked in, dropped our bags, checked out the hotel and headed for dinner. It appeared many restaurants were closed for the night but we managed to find one that was open.

The food at the restaurant was okay… However just sitting there, eating, you can see the wildlife before you eyes. Vultures circling nearby, geckos running across your table… cats begging for your food. It was interesting to feel how different it was on the island vs the city of Panama.

When I travel, I often want to feel like I’m in a different part of the world, not another neighborhood in LA. This is exactly what it felt like. It felt like I found a small place in the jungle with a restaurant. This section of the universe would have a different set of survival rules and I loved it.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel and saw a lonely crab crossing the road. It made me want to think of a joke to say… I couldn’t think of any.

We slept, comfortably in our hotel bed and the next morning woke up to a bright and very hot day. We woke up and got ready for the day. Today we explored the town. We walked up and down its only main road. We had breakfast at a local, Canadian owned restaurant. This restaurant wasn’t opened for dinner the night before. It was called Caleloo. I had my much needed coffee. We walked, got sun burned and headed to the beach.

I bravely made it across the seas, battling sea monsters (and mental monsters) until I made it to the island of lost souls (not its real name, but it has a cemetery on it)

The beach is interesting. There is an island about 25 meters across from this island. When the tide is low, you can literally walk to the island on a small strip of sand thats exposed. When the tide is high, you can either swim or walk the entire length. It was about waist deep when we first got to the beach. Im terrified of the ocean and its hidden monsters. I tried to walk across and came across many school of fish surrounding me. It freaked me out and I ran out of the water. I waited for the tide to go down before i tried again.

As the tide went down… I went in several times. First it was knee high, then ankle deep. I managed to get across to the island with guppies surrounding my feet. I tried to ignore them but in the back of my head I imagined they were somehow, calling their friend, the sea monster, to come eat me. I took a selfie with the island in back and darted to the beach.

The island is quaint. You cant take hiking tours if you want. There is also a Swim Gym in the water. They make you jump on trampolines, climb on ropes and swim laps in the ocean. Looks like fun… I would do it if I wasn’t so terrified of the ocean… Mind you, I’m a swimmer so I can survive if I needed to… I just don’t like monsters pulling my toes in the water.

Let me break it down for you:

The island is cute, but I wouldn’t go more than one night. Its definitely a place you can disconnect. There is no wifi anywhere (my hotel only had wifi in the lobby). I couldn’t connect to update my blog or check my Facebook. It’s not a big deal just for your information.

Should you go? If you go, its because you want to go to the beach, not because you want an island experience.

Ferry ride: $20 USD

Food prices are cheap but the quality is not that great.

Breakfast at Calaloo
Panama skyline from the island… please excuse my iphone zoom… it kinda sucks
walking on the sand
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