The Taboga Palace Review

We did some research on hotels and the island itself before booking anything. We found several articles and read as many trip reviews as we could. I always do before booking a hostel or a hotel. You cant always predict what you’re getting yourself into but at least you can try. This time was no different.

The Taboga Palace could easily be the best hotel on the entire island. It has 12 rooms and easily mirrors the colonial style of El Casco Viejo.

The lobby is filled with cute furniture, a full bar, TVs and wifi access. The lobby is the only place in the building where you can get online. In fact, it might be the only place on the island that has wifi… Im sure other hotels have wifi as well… that was joke =).

The infinity pool on the upper level is only a few meters across but its beautiful. The water is kept at a crisp temperature. It overlooks the beach and other buildings in the area. I thought the pool was magnificent. I took several dips throughout my stay. There’s a petite shower area, lounges and umbrellas to sit back and relax. In fact, I believe this is the only hotel with a pool. Let me back up a bit, there is another hotel on the island that has a pool. They use the image of their pool on their ads, however, this pool is private and only accessible to those who rent that specific suite. This makes the Taboga Palace the only hotel with a pool on the island.

The overall hotel is immaculately clean. The jungle holds many problematic bugs and critters that love the humidity, moist skin and even wet floors. Its nice to be in a hotel that keeps everything clean. No bugs here (but I did see a few geckos).

The room is cute. It has a nice size bed a great outdoor balcony and an AC that will make you never leave your room.

I LOVED the restroom. The restroom is a typical European wet room but very cute and very well laid out. With the shower up ahead and the toilet right across, this room is everything you need in one single space. I don’t know how to explain a wet room other than, its like your own private locker room with showers and all in one space. I love wet rooms.

They offer massages and facials. The owner of the hotel is very nice and easy to talk to. He worked the bar area and made me the best Pina Colada.

There were a couple of things I thought were a bit strange. The pool area had a lot of rules. Rules by nature, freak me out… Its not that I cant obey them, its that I feel I have to break them all. However, I didn’t need to, they did not apply to me. Therefore all was well with these rules. There was a $100 up front deposit but many hotels and hostels ask for this…its just always weird to be out an extra $100 up front… you get it back though… and lastly they ask that you leave your key at the front every time you leave. I thought this was going to hinder any late night partying, since you have to ring the front door so they can can open it. Then I realized everything closes early on the island. This is not a party island.

Let me break it down for you:

$143 USD per night.


  • Beautiful
  • AC in your room
  • Amazing pool
  • nice room
  • private balcony
  • great restroom
  • immaculately clean
  • Spa
  • Full bar
  • American outlets


  • No wifi in your room – only in lobby
  • no AC in common areas
  • no elevator (but its not a big deal… i like counting calories)
  • No breakfast or coffee in the morning

Would I stay here again? Upon doing research on other hotels, it seems this is the best hotel on the island. I would stay here again but if I had to change anything, I would ask them to start a continental breakfast or something… Im just not a morning person and a coffee/tea and toast is a good way to start the day. If I’m being completely honest I think $143 was a bit on the pricey side. Otherwise I have to say I enjoyed my stay. Considering this is a new hotel, I really hope it prospers.

Picture of our room
American style outlets
The queen size bed
The balcony
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