The Jane Hotel Review | New York City

After getting a good 8 hours of sleep at the Comfort Inn. I checked-out and headed to The Jane Hotel to check-in for the night.

The Jane Hotel is on the edge of Greenwich Village. The lights are dingy (on purpose) and the decor is a cryptic 1920’s art deco style. It may sound weird but it’s actually pretty. The dark wood panels and the animal heads on the wall give this hotel a very interesting ambiance.

At the moment they have a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is not finished yet, but its a nice option.

I had coffee and lunch there. It was only decent but not terribly expensive. The menu is not that extensive but the convenience factor is a major plus.

At check-in, you are given a key and a metal rod. The metal rod is placed in a hole in your room to power up the electricity. It’s a power saving tip they’ve created, which I thought was pretty fun.

Each room is about 10 feet by 6 feet. It’s the size of a large closet. The bed is enough for one person and you have enough storage for your bags. The rooms are covered in wallpaper and dark wood. Each room is made to look like a cabin on a boat. You get a TV, a fan, a small window but no air conditioning and no restroom. There’s one restroom on each floor you share with other patrons. There are three toilet stalls and three showers.

Unlike a Hostel, you get amenities. You get water in your room. You get free loafers, towels and robes. There’s also soap, conditioner and shampoo in each shower stall.

I loved it. It’s like an upgrade to a hostel. Each room is private.

I was only there for a night before my partner made it to NYC for work. Then we grabbed a hotel room that fits the two of us.

Let me break it down for you:

  • $99 per night (plus tax)
  • private room
  • has its own restaurant
  • very small
  • no AC
  • shared restroom
  • very cute
  • good part of town

Is it worth it? I think so. Hostels are cheaper. I love staying at hostels but theres no privacy in a hostel. Its good if you want your own room and very cheap for NYC.

The restaurant is still being constructed but its cute. Also, the menu is pretty small at the moment.
I got chicken with eggplant salad, a chocolate chip cookie and coffee for lunch. It was okay… not stellar, but decent.
This is pretty much the extent of the room…
The bed… with me on it… The room was basically twice the width of the bed
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