The island of Aegina, Greece

I rented a yacht and sailed to Aegina for the day. It was the only thing we could have done. The storm was not giving up. It was raining all day.

Aegina is one of the closest Greek islands. I was told by the skipper that this is a shopping island known for its pistachio nuts. This island attracts Greek tourists.

The dark clouds were relentless. We anchored the boat and I got off to explore the island. The main street is like a promenade filled with restaurants upon coffee houses upon more restaurants. It’s a dense little island with lots of cute buildings and lots of character.

I was excited. I wanted to discover the island. I wanted to walk into its unique shops. I wanted to explore what it had to offer. The rain made it tough to keep my camera out but I still managed to take pictures of the sights.

The day is Sunday. As I continued to explore I noticed everything was closed. All the clothing stores, every gelato shop, all the souvenir stores, all closed.

Everything closes on Sundays.

I walked around the cobblestone streets and tight spaces and eventually found a pistachio stand. I bought a small bag to try.

As I walked around I saw old buildings. Ruins from houses of the unknown. There were beautiful churches made of stone. It was like walking inside a fairy tale. However, this fairy tale was rainy and cold and wet and there was nothing to buy but pistachios.

I could have gone to a cafe or had some lunch but Day Sail Athens did a great job at keeping me full. I was fed snacks, pastries, a full lunch and a giant greek salad. There was no room for a cafe.

After about two hours I headed back to the yacht and we sailed back to Piraeus port near Athens. As we approached the port the clouds began to part and the first rays of sunlight began to hit the water. It was almost 6pm and it seems like the rain is finally over, now that my sailing trip is coming to an end. What luck…

We dock the boat and the skipper and his wife offer me a beer. I take one and drink my first greek beer, Alpha. I chat with them for a bit before I walk back to Piraeus train station and head back to Syntagma Square to finish my last night in Athens.

Tomorrow I would have to get up early again, check out and head to the airport to catch my flight back to Berlin and head back home to Los Angeles.

My month-long trip is finally coming to an end and I was starting to feel it.

The ending of a trip is like that lover that says goodbye to you but you know deep down they don’t want to. It makes your eyes water as you know you have to say goodbye. Your heart skips a beat because it can feel it losing a part of itself. You remember all the good times, even the bad times and you tell yourself they weren’t that bad. You feel heartbroken. You tell yourself you can do it, you’ve been here before. Time will heal.

Leaving a destination is hard. I thought I was ready… the truth is, I never am.

The cute but tight streets of Aegina
OMG I found this house off the main street. I thought it was soooo cute!
Something about the cactus that bends around the balcony I thought was great…
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