The Cloisters Review | New York City

I’m always on the lookout for weird and interesting things. The Cloisters was recommended by my partner as something interesting and unique thing to see in New York City. Since we were there together we decided to check it out.

The Cloisters is a medieval structure from Europe that was bought, deconstructed and rebuilt in upper Manhattan. When I say upper Manhattan, I mean get off at the last stop before getting to the Bronx.

The Cloisters is situated on top of a high cliff side overlooking the Hudson river. The entire premise is inside of Fort Tryon Park, a New York City park. Its luscious, green and peaceful with many nature trails to walk around.

The Cloisters is actually a museum with lots of medieval art spanning the ages. The architecture is something out of a fairy tale where goblins and dragons hide.

A medieval rendition of a dog… looks scary to me… eek.

I loved this gothic structure. However, the part I liked the most was the room full of sarcophagi… This was the creepiest room but just so you know, I thought every room and all the art was great.

Let me break it down for you:

  • $25 entrée fee
  • it takes about 2 hours to see it all
  • the park is great
  • very gothic
  • great art
  • sarcophagi! Need I say more?
I took this picture at the stained glass exhibition of the museum… there are lots of amazing works of art like this…
My favorite, the sarcophagi room…
This piece of art work impressed me because its a carved statue of Jesus Christ from the 1800’s made out of walrus ivory… Its beauty has been preserved throughout the centuries and millennia…
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