The Central Hotel Panama

I was meeting my partner in Panama city. He was in charge of which hotel we are staying in. I must give you a little background information. My partner is a travel geek… His style of traveling is way different than mine. I enjoy his style a lot, but I also enjoy my style a lot. He enjoys luxury travel. I love all travel but I do everything the budget savvy way.

This week in Panama City, he was in charge of the itinerary. We stayed in El Casco Viejo. He chose El Central Hotel Panama.

He arrived a few hours before me, therefore he was waiting for me when I arrived. I gotta tell you. This hotel is GORGEOUS! I could not believe it. It was a touch of modern inside a colonial building while keeping its roots in Panama.

The facade of the hotel is stunning. The entrance enchants you with its welcoming staircase and its gracious AC. The finish of the wooden stairs, masculine and strong. The ambiance of the place is ethereal and the lights above are moderns, almost science fiction.

I have to say only half of the rooms were rented, it seems they are still working on some of the rooms, although you couldn’t tell unless someone told you.

The bus boy grabbed my bag from my cab and ushered me to the reception area which I didn’t like.

They called my partner to let him know I was here and they allowed me to seek the room. I walk up the stairs to look for the room. The room is beautiful. It’s got a nice queen sized bed, a desk, a lounging space. A great snack bar with a minibar, red bull and booze at hotel prices of course. It has a cappuccino machine and free waters throughout your stay.

The restroom was very modern and sleek. I wanted to take it home.

You get a free welcome drink as a guest and a free 20 minute massage in their spa.

The hotel had lots of amenities, like a spa, fitness center, rooftop pool with a view to die for. They also had a salon, just in case.

The spa had everything from massages to facials and wraps.

For $180 USD a night. It was a luxury 5 star hotel in El Casco Viejo in Panama. But, is it worth it? Yes. The fact that you get a free drink and free massage makes it worth your stay. The rooms feel more like a home than a hotel room. This was more than just a private room and good AC. This was an experience. We are making memories.

The hotel included a free breakfast every morning. It had everything from parfaits to chocolate croissants, coffee, tea, eggs, quesadillas, pancakes, juices, sausage, bacon, cheeses and hams. It was a little different each morning but it was always good.

In the evening, the maids would come and give you a good night chocolate.

The fitness center was big with all of the machines and free weights needed for a proper workout. Free lemon water and towels were included.

The hotel also had a restaurant 9Reinas, but I didn’t give it a try. I sought to venture out, into the city.

Let me break it down for you:


  • Free welcome drink
  • free wifi
  • Free breakfast
  • free 20 min massage
  • gym
  • great ac
  • spa
  • restaurant
  • great room
  • good night chocolate
  • pool with a view
  • hair saloon
  • american outlets


  • its a tad on the pricey side
  • blankets were small
  • check in— room wasn’t ready even though it was 4pm when arrived (as per my partner)
  • hotel is unfinished (but not visibly) therefore rooftop restaurant wasn’t open — will be fixed shortly though.

$180 USD per night in this gorgeous hotel. Seems like a lot. Would I stay here again? Absolutely.

Is the price worth it? Yes. I believe its a little expensive, but you also get lots for it.

The lobby was so amazing… stunning.
The bed was only a queen, but it was very comfortable and the AC hit the bed perfectly…
Excuse the mess in the restroom… but I wanted to live in this room… I love this touch of modern…
Open shower, just like home… i love it

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