Tangier, Morocco

I have been looking forward to Tangier for a LONG TIME. I loved Marrakech so much I really wanted to explore everything Morocco has to offer. The only issue here is I only had a week to explore Tangier.

Morocco is one of those countries you could spend months in… You can literally go from city to city enjoying every bit of it as you go.

Now that I was back. I had a plan. My plan consisted of:



  • Discovering the medina — The medina, or the old city, is the ancient part of the city that is literally walled off by ancient walls.


  • Walking around the Kasbah of Tangier — The easiest to explain the Kasbah is by describing it as the ancient castle that sits on top of the city that protects the city…


  • Checking out the Grand Socco — The main square of the city that divided the new part of the city from the ancient part of the city.


  • Eating at the famous Morocco Club — A legendary restaurant where rock stars Mick Jagger and crew frequented.


  • Taking a peak at the great Cap Spartel — An area where an amazing lighthouse sits.


  • and eating as much Moroccan food as possible — I LOVE MOROCCAN FOOD.

I was very excited for this trip!

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