Tangier Morocco | The Casablanca Beer

I thought a Muslim country would be against beer drinking. I know it’s frowned upon in Dubai but I didn’t know Tangier would be so lenient. Either way, Im excited to try the Casablanca Beer. A beer made in Morocco!

I remember a few years back, in Marrakech, it was very hard to find a place that served any alcohol. There was one or two but completely hidden. You had to be escorted. They took you through buildings and underground tunnels. It was scary. I didn’t know if they were taking me to the proper restaurant or if they were going to slaughter me for being a sinful Westerner.

Anyway, Tangier seemed to have beer and wine and full bars, for that matter, at every restaurant. Needless to say, they had Casablanca in my hotel!

I didn’t have to travel far to get it. At El Mizbah Club restaurant (one of the three). I ordered a beer just to try it.

It was more about the novelty than anything else. It tasted just like beer to be honest. However, I was loving every bit of it.

If you’re a beer lover. You need to have one just so you said you drank Moroccan beer!

El Mizbah Club. Beer and hors d’oeuvres …
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