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Legend says Hercules, yes, that Hercules, the demigod, all-powerful being from Greece, slept in a cave in Morocco. Before heading to Morocco, Hercules parted the continents (Africa and Europe) with his hands, forming the Strait of Gibraltar… Then he slept in a cave off the cost of Africa before he went on to his next adventures.

The Cave of Hercules is on the coast about 14 Kilometers from the center of Tangier. I rented a driver from my hotel for the day. It wasn’t expensive and it was very convenient.

The driver drove us around Tangier and narrated history, legends, and pointed out a few structures and natural wildlife, like trees and flowers native to Tangier. He was a great tour guide. However, my patience is very thing for things like this and even though all I wanted was to get from point A to point B, I really enjoyed his drive-by tour of the area.

Hercules Footprint

We drove around and stopped at a few hill tops to take pictures. We then stopped at a famous rock formation. The driver pointed over and told me the indentation of the rock is Hercules Footprint. I took a picture and we continued to drive.

Cap Spartel Lighthouse

He took me to Cap Spartel. Cap Spartel, is the furthest, most northern point of Africa. It has a beautiful lighthouse. It’s also where the Mediterranean sea meets the Atlantic Ocean! It is a really photogenic spot. Currently it seemed they were fixing the roads and making renovations for tourists.

We continued to drive and we drove by a few camels just chilling on the dirt with their babies. It was very cute. He asked if I wanted a camel ride, but since I did that last time I was in Morocco, I decided to pass.

Baby camels

We arrived at the Cave of Hercules where he let us off and waited for us. The cave is free to enter and to explore, but they have a gift shop in the area. It looked very Greek to me. There were white pillars before entering the cave.

I must say if you’re blond, natives will ask if you need a guide (not free or course). Just make sure to say ‘no.’ It’s a scam. They didn’t come up to me, but they went up to my partner, who is blond. I found out, most of them thought I was Moroccan, therefore I was usually left alone.

You walk down to enter the cave and explore its many rooms. Part of the cave was closed off, for reasons unknown to me. It’s beautiful and yes, cavernous. At the end of the cave, there is a large opening that leads to the sea. Here, you can see the crashing waves of the Mediterranean sea. You can feel the light pouring in. You can see the opening of the cave which looks like the mirror image of Africa.

The pictures of the cave came out way too dark for my blog… I guess you’ll have to wait for me to make the YouTube video… Oh yeah… I have several videos scheduled to release while I’m in Cancun… So check out my YouTube Channel and hit that subscribe button!

Before entering the cave of Hercules
Momma and Pappa Camels
Our driver stopped at this hill-top so we can take pics… but I cant remember what this place was called
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