Spirit Airlines Brawl. Where Has Our Dignity Gone?

Today, CNN reported over 300 flights have been cancelled in the last week leaving many stranded. Passengers in Fort Lauderdale Florida were so upset they began to fight. Physically fight… like so pissed they’re-gonna-punch-someone-in-the-face fight. There was a brawl in the airport, several people were taken away in handcuffs.

It turns out they don’t have enough pilots to fill their flights and there is now a lawsuit. The airline says the union (ALPA) is behind this. There are also rumors of pilots being shamed into not accepting flights. Sounds like high school teenage angst to me. It’s a shame these budget airlines are starting off so bad in the States. It begs the questions, does this happen in Europe where you can sometimes find flights as low as 1 Euro.

I have never flown Spirit airlines or WOW airlines… But, I always hear bad things about both. I need to experience this for myself and report back.

Heres the deal

There have been a couple of ‘not so good’ things happen around airlines recently. However, news outlets reporting to the masses makes it look like its becoming the norm. If people expect things like this to happen they’re going to get on board already upset, ready to be set off.

You should probably know that airspace is considered federal government space… Therefore they can literally call the FBI on you if you decide to do something stupid like fight. Im not siding on Spirit Airlines what Im saying is we need to find a way to become civil about these things. I get it, work, bad bosses, no money… it all sucks. But fighting in an airport or a plane has got to stop.

Am I wrong to to think our patience and our dignity is decreasing in America? What do you think?

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