Sheraton, Maria Isabel Hotel Review | Mexico City

The butler brought you a snack everyday

I’m not going to get into how great the area where this hotel is… Im also not going to talk about El Angel De La Independecia (but it’s across the street). Lets just leave it at: THIS AREA IS PERFECT!

From the outside, this hotel, inside a high-rise, looks basic. It looks just like any other hotel. The inside is grand. The lobby is beautiful but again, it looks like a basic corporate hotel with lots of money put into it. There is a bar, a lounge, a restaurant and even a Starbucks inside the hotel. You also get a rooftop pool and a gym as amenities.

The lobby was nice, but its to be expected from a well-known hotel

The rooftop pool is decent. The view is okay. This high-rise isn’t as tall as the others therefore some of the view is covered by nearby buildings, but I’m not complaining, at least there’s a pool.

We opted for a club level suite on one of the higher floors. This means you get free access to the club lounge. The Club Lounge is a room that has a breakfast buffet with made to order meals (like a restaurant) but it doesn’t have everything. It has a great lunch, evening snack and good beverage selections. The food is different from day-to-day and it is always delicious. I went to the club lounge every single day.

The bar to the left of the lobby

Lets get to the good stuff:

This was our dinning table in our suite

The suite was amazing. To begin with, this club level suite has its own butler. He brings you coffee and pan dulce every morning if you wish. He will unpack your luggage and place it in the proper places and before you check out he will repack your luggage again. I made sure to use this service since I’ve never had a butler. He wore a penguin suit and brought my coffee and bread every morning as requested. It was amazing and perfect. I loved it.

a separate living room space in this open concept hotel room

The room itself has a dinning table along with a separate living space with a TV a few couches and a coffee table. Directly behind is another TV and the giant king size bed.

The snack bar and mini fridge was packed with the usual sodas, beers, mineral waters and cookies. However, it also had traditional Mexican candy which I thought was a good touch.

The bed is very comfortable. There were several days where I just wanted to lay in it all day long.

The restroom has a separate vanity area with a sink and toiletries. The lighting isn’t that good though. I like bright light, like make-me-blind bright (which means I’m never happy with any lighting in hotel rooms.) The restroom was the most petite portion of the hotel room. It had a toilet, a tub with a shower and a bidet tucked around the corner.

The vanity, which is separate from the restroom and toilet

They keep your bath robes with the bidet. At first we thought we didn’t have bathrobes until we peeked around to check out the bidet.

In the evening, the butler or maids bring you a snack. If you’re not there, they leave it in your room to enjoy when you return.

I really enjoyed this hotel. It has everything you need and then some. The butler service made up for everything.

I asked the butler to bring me coffee and pan dulce every morning while I stayed there

Let me break it down for you:

  • $159 per night
  • Great location
  • Starbucks in the building
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Club Lounge access with this suite
  • Club Lounge is really good
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Snacks included
  • Butler comes with the room
  • wi-fi
  • AC

Is this hotel worth the price? Yes. I would do this again. Even if all I got was a butler. It was great!

Our very comfortable king size bed
This is the club level lounge
One of the buffets inside the club level lounge
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