The Sheraton Grand Hotel Review in Dubai

Sheraton Grand Dubai. Our room, hallway view.

We arrived at the Sheraton Grand Dubai around 1am. This is after we proceeded to immigrate at the airport and look for our driver.

Our check-in experience is a bit odd. I say this because it took the agent at the desk about 30 minutes to check us in… My partner, has Hotel status since he travels a lot for work. Even so, it was a long check-in process.

We get a room with two beds and a massive restroom. The restroom has a giant tub sitting on the floor enclosed in a glass box. The shower is separate. The overall look and feel of the restroom is modern with its giant vanity and bright lights.

The rest of the room was pretty basic, although good enough for the two of us. We each had our own giant bed to spread out in. It was nice.

Homosexuality and the UAE

Homosexuality in the UAE is illegal. For the people that live in the UAE caught in the act or planning a big party (such as the White Party) is enough to get you thrown in jail. Although recently there was a news story about a guy at a club who dropped his drink and as he tried to catch it he accidentally grazed his arm against a mans pelvic region. To make a long story short, this tourist went to jail for this, even though he was not gay. But the man reported him for homosexual activity.

As a tourist or westerner it’s usually okay to travel as a gay person to the UAE. However, you should refrain from any gay activity such as going to gay clubs and such, just in case. Also refrain from public displays of affection. That is definitely a no-no!

Even though all of this scared me, I knew it would be okay. I’m just a tourist trying to discover a new city after all.

Lets get back to the Sheraton Grand

The hotel room was nice but I won’t say amazing. At 1:30am I decided to get to bed. I stripped to my underwear and got under my sheets while my partner decided to shower. I heard a frustrated grunt come out of the shower. My partner yells, this shower doesn’t warm up! Now its too hot! I hate this shower. As he tries to fix the temperature of the shower I decide to see if there is anything I can do. I walk over to the restroom and right as I enter the restroom the entire shower head breaks off, a stream of water hits my face and now I am drenched in water.

I’m not happy. This shower sucks. I’m soaked. It’s 1:30 in the morning. All I wanna do is sleep.

My partner gives up and decides he’s not going to shower anymore. He puts on his robe and I get back under my sheets. Suddenly there’s a knock on our door. We both grunt as my partner answers it. It’s the front desk wondering if we have everything we need? Why is he here at 1:30 in the morning? I don’t understand. This check-in experience has been a nightmare!

It’s a great restroom, but the shower itself was very touchy.

The Amenities

The rooftop pool and bar are spectacular. Even though the pool and bar are on the highest floor the view is obstructed by high walls on the rooftop. Nevertheless, it’s pretty. For elite members there is a lounge with amazing food and drinks for breakfast and dinner.

The gym has several machines of all kinds. It also has free water, lockers and a couple of restrooms. The views are better in the gym. They have free-weights and a couple of yoga mats as well. However, the gym is used often. It’s not crowded but there are always people working out.

The rooftop bar sheraton grand dubai
The rooftop bar.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Hotel prices start at $240 USD per night
  • Decent rooms
  • Gym
  • Pool and rooftop bar
  • Not so central but convenient to a Metro stop

Would I recommend it? It was my first time in Dubai and although I didn’t love the hotel as much as I thought I was going to, I would stay here again. It wasn’t horrible.

The view from the rooftop at the Sheraton Grand Dubai.
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