The Sand Dunes in Dubai- Al Maha Resort Review

About an hour from the skyscrapers you can view sand dunes as far as the eye can see. This desert is what this entire place used to look like. Dubai used to be a giant desert. Escaping the city is the only way to see it. I have to say, its worth it.

Dubai is vast city. It’s so different from my home town of LA. To start off, the architecture is incredible. Only a few buildings in LA are actually beautiful and only because they’re old and historic.

The culture is different and so are the residents. It’s why I travel. I love to feel like I’m away from home and Dubai has done that for me. From its stunning skyscrapers to its modern, almost futuristic Metro system, this city offers a great experience — If you know what to look for.

Al Maha Resort

Today we ventured into the desert and saw the sand dunes. This incredible desert and national park is well-preserved. There are dunes as far as the eye can see and Oryx walking around their natural habitat.

Upon arriving at our destination, where we had High Tea scheduled we realized, this place is not only in the middle of the desert but its a fancy resort. Al Maha Resort is luxurious. It makes you feel like you’re on a safari exploring the world. Its stunning, almost magical. The old, traveler feel is in every detail.

The tea room is inside the bar but you can choose do have tea inside or outside overlooking the dunes and the Oryx walking around. We walked outside to check out the stunning view. There were dunes as far as the eyes can see. Flocks of birds coming to and fro. We sat for a second before the desert flies descended upon us and realized having a restful tea would be impossible with these man-eating flies.

We ventured back inside the tea room grabbed a seat and ordered our tea. They had towers of desserts, scones. Jars filled with jams and clotted cream and a never-ending supply of chocolate cakes. They even had a few salmon slices. It was so delicious only pictures can convey what I’m talking about.

This resort is worth visiting for a day trip. Although high tea is relatively inexpensive staying at this resort is a whopping $800 USD a night! However, walking about the resort and getting your fill of this exotic natural habitat is worth it, if you’re like me and don’t want to drop $800 per night.

Resort Extras

Apart from High Tea the resort has a few amazing treats to choose from. I didn’t partake in any of these since I only spent the evening here. However, you can choose from a camel excursion for the evening. You can learn how to play with falcons, as you teach them how to fetch, or you can ride great 4×4’s throughout the sand dunes for a day. All of this sounds incredibly amazing and worth a try if you decide to stay here.

Maybe when I become rich I can stay here one day and do all three for my next vacation. Until then I will have to imagine what that would be like.

Let me break it down for you:

  • High tea is about 50 USD per person.
  • Rooms start at about $800 USD per night and go as high as $1200 per night
  • Great amenities (however I only had tea and wandered about)
  • Dune buggy adventures… Playing with Falcons and camel riding for extra costs.
  • About an hour from Dubai.

It’s totally worth checking out for a day!

Check out their website for more details:

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