Royal Air Morocco Review | From TGN to GIB in 20 Minutes

small plane interior
It was a small plane, but this picture makes it look huge.

I couldn’t wait to experience Royal Air Morocco. We took a car service from our hotel, El Minza Hotel to TGN. The ride is short but they only accept cash. We made a pit stop at an ATM and then headed to the airport. However, the driver really wanted to show us around town before heading to the airport. 

This ride should have been 20 minutes long but it turned into a one and a half hour long trip to the airport. I was annoyed at first but honestly the driver showed us some great places. I took some amazing pictures and then headed towards the airport.

We went through TGN airport and through security. After security we waited.

Tangier and Gibraltar are across a body of water that separate Africa from Europe. This body of water is called the Strait of Gibraltar. its only 12 miles from airport to airport.

As we walk towards the plane and up the stairs, we realize the plane is half-empty. There are plenty of seats to spread out. So we did. I had my own row. I put on the AC on high, relaxed and enjoyed the view.

The crew was nice but not super talkative. They had Fez’s on their head and a cute red outfit. During the flight they passed out orange juice and water. Their announcements were in English and Arabic.

From the time we boarded to the time we landed was 20 minutes total. There was a great view of Tangier, the water and Europe the entire way. When we landed in Gibraltar it was sprinkling and you could see the dew on the windows.

This trip was easy and very quick. There is nothing to complain about in a 20 minute flight.

Let me break it down for you:

  • From TGN to GIB is 20 minutes
  • They serve a beverage
  • Not a crowded plane
  • Not many flights a day either
  • Cant complain
  • Quick and easy
tangier morocco africa from the plane
The tip of Africa from the sky!
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