Puerto Vallarta: La Zona Romantica | The Gay Zone

Puerto Vallarta is definitely a gay destination. Other than lounging on the beach and having great food, you can bar hop across multiple gay venues with a flavor for anyones taste.

I didnt get to hit them all. I Managed to get into Bar Anonimo, a cute, little place painted with bright colors. I went there early, like 2pm early. This place gets packed at night. Its so tiny you wont fit once its full. Get there EARLY and get ready to socialize before your shoulders start rubbing together.

I lounged a lot at the “Exclusive” Sapphire Club. Its primarily gay, but you dont have to be gay to lounge here. You have to book a chaise lounge in advance because they reserve them for the people in the hotel. I managed to share two bottles of Champagne and lose my speedos in the pool as I jumped in. Luckily people were more interested in their tan than what was going on in the pool.

By the time I hit Blue Chairs gay club, I was pretty wasted. Ive heard lots of mixed reviews about Blue Chairs. I heard this club will rip you off. I was told to not pay with credit cards here because they double and triple charge it every time. With all that said, I did not expect this place to be as stunning as it was. Its a roof top bar with multiple floors. The views themselves are amazing. I was so impressed. Like I said, I was so drunk at this point, I dropped both drinks I bought before calling it a night and beating myself over being so trashed.

The next couple of days I made it a point to work out. I bought a day pass at The Fit Club, located deeper in town. It was only $10 USD per day. Not too bad to get rid of this guilt. I also managed to walk the entire Malecon Boardwalk, take some great images and see some iconic sites.

It was a great long weekend getaway.


Check out my Travel Vlog below… its the second vlog for this trip.



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