Puerto Vallarta and DeadMans Beach.

It was my first time in Puerto Vallarta and I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. The first half of my trip consisted of relaxing and taking in the setting. I stayed in the Emiliano Zapata Neighborhood, also known as LA Zona Romantica, or the Gay Zone. I loved the cobble stoned streets, the fact that it was built on a hill, the trees growing from every angle and the building flowing up the mountain side. It made for a very authentically Mexican village vibe.

I stayed at the Boana Malibu Hotel/Condominium, an AirBnb like hotel, where you rent each apartment for your getaway vacation. The owner of the building made sure to tell us that our part of the building was not part of the complex per se, but he assisted in renting it out for the rightful owner. I later found out why… It makes me chuckle when I look back on it. It’s a terribly cute place, but the A/C stopped working the first night into the trip. With a tropical humidity invading out space, A/C is a must. However, we were unable to get it fixed. The shower handles for both hot and cold broke off and some of the light switches didnt work. It didnt matter to me, as long as I had a good time… and I did.

It rained on the second day I was there which gave me time to explore some of the indoor venues, like the gay shopping stores, a few souvenir shops and a couple of cute cafes. I also bought a great muscle shirt from one of the venders near the beach. It’s got medusa on the front! I love it.

At the end of the first half of this trip we stopped by Maia, an upscale restaurant, with amazing food (Upscale but not expensive by American standards).

I  was looking forward to lounging on the beach, having several drinks and checking out some of the gay venues around town.

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