Prince Edward Island is Full of Mosquitos

We land in Charlottetown, one of the big cities on Prince Edward Island. The airport is tiny. It took us 3 minutes to get out. My partners aunt waiting in front with anticipation snaps a photo of us and we head out to meet this new adventure called Prince Edward Island.

We drive north from Charlottetown airport. We go through green pastures, farms, lonely cottages. There are rolling green hills on both sides until we hit the beach. Eventually we made it to the cottage.

This lovely cottage sits on top of a bluff overlooking the water on one side and green fields on the other. Trees and nature surround us. The house itself is nice but reminds me of a cabin in the woods with its ship lack finish.

Groggy from the morning flight we enter her cottage and she tells us she discontinued her internet and wifi subscription since she only uses this cottage in the summer. Its fine, I thought to myself. Little did I know I would begin feeling all stages of grief from now on (which I will write about in a later article).

Nature, We Meet Again!

We settle in, put our bags down and get the tour of the cottage. It has an art studio with a loft. The living room has a fireplace. There’s a wrap-around terrace. Most importantly there’s a giant open-air patio with massive windows. The natural sunlight is pouring in. The breeze can be felt from all sides of the room. It’s lovely. My only concern is all mosquito mesh around the windows. Does Prince Edward Island have a mosquito problem? The short answer is YES!

Although I love nature, my body fights it like its my worst enemy. I used to live in California’s Redwood Forest but now, for whatever reason, nature has become my brutal enemy.

I’m ready for this. I brought a small packet of anti-histamines, a sinus nasal spray, and extreme allergy eye drops. I really do not want hay fever.

After the tour of the house we head out to see a few sights and perhaps, check out the beach.

The Beach Lighthouse and Mosquitos.

pei lighthouse
Trying to take decent pictures of this cute lighthouse while being attached by mosquitos was not the easiest thing to do…

The drive to the beach is beautiful. I love seeing all this nature around me. As we drive we see several lone cottages in the distance. We drive past several orchards and eventually get to a few sand dunes.

We drive until we see a cute lighthouse, park and grab my camera.

As I closed the door I look at my arm to find a couple of mosquitos feeding on my blood. I smack them and they explode, spraying blood on my arm. I then realize the black cloud following me. It’s a swarm of mosquitos. It terrified me. Not only are mosquitos ridiculously attracted to my pheromones. They’re annoying. They make me itch and they’re full of diseases.

I swat the cloud. It separates to dodge my arm movements. I vigorously swat a few more times. This gave me a few seconds to get the camera ready and start snapping pictures. As the mosquitos bombard me, I figure heading towards the water, where its windy is better. Mosquitos are not stealth insects and a gust of wind frightens them.

I got to the water and began taking more pictures. No longer in a frenzy, I snap a few images of the cute lighthouse and realized I did not escape the mosquitos.

That’s it. I’m done.

We ran back to the car and headed back to the mosquito free cottage.

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