Freelancing my way across the globe. Here is are a few portfolio pieces of my skill set. Ranging from Adobe Illustrator, to Photoshop to videography and even SEO Blog Writing. Have a look. Enjoy. Any questions? Feel free to contact me using my contact page.


Freelance Videography


SEO Blog Writing

Draculas Castle
5 Places You Need to Visit this Halloween
Want some spooky travel fun? Here is a list of 5 places you need to visit this Halloween. Some I’ve
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pei beach lighthouse
Prince Edward Island is Full of Mosquitos
We land in Charlottetown, one of the big cities on Prince Edward Island. The airport is tiny. It took us
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St Catherine from the Gay Village
Should you walk down Saint Catherine Street in Montreal?
Saint Catherine is a main street in Montreal. Should you walk down this street? Absolutely. This street goes through some
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9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Chicago
This was my second time going to The Windy City. Last time I was there I took the time to
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The Cloisters Review | New York City
I’m always on the lookout for weird and interesting things. The Cloisters was recommended by my partner as something interesting
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Getting to NYC from LAX — A Red Eye Review
Here it goes… Another NYC trip. This trip was dual purpose. I had a photography project I was commissioned to
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