Packing Tips for Short Trips

Lets Start with Packing Tips for Short Trips

small book bag for packing for short trips
These anti-theft bags are all the rage now. I think they’re pretty cool. They have lots of compartments for electronics. Its big enough for your laptop. It works great for a day bag. You can also use a small bag like this for a weekend getaway. Click on this image to see more on Amazon… There are many bags of this type… This is just one of them.

Heading out for a long weekend? Or maybe four days? Most people take two types of trips, a short-term trip or a long-term trip. I consider long-term trips anything above five days (in terms of how to pack.) For this article, I’ll be teaching you a few simple packing tips for short trips or a three-day weekend getaway.

For long weekends, packing is easy. Lets say you’re leaving for 3 days total, including travel time. Perhaps you’re going somewhere close. Maybe, you’re traveling to a place that’s a couple of hours away from your home town.

The first tip:

count the clothes you are wearing…

Think of yourself as human luggage.

That gives you, one T-shirt/blouse one pair of underwear, socks, shoes/sandals, sunglasses (maybe a hat) and a pair of trousers/shorts. This amounts to one days worth of attire.

Now, we need two more days worth of clothing. For a three-day trip, use a small bag or school backpack to pack all the clothes you need. If you want to become a light packer and attain these skills, read on.

Tip 2:

As a light packer, eliminate all the things you will not wear.

Most people take too much clothing (just in case.) However, there is no need for this. It will add weight and make things inconvenient. This could lead to bringing a bigger bag… just in case. We are not going to do that.

Tip 3:

If you’re using a school backpack, only take what fits in the bag.

If it gets full, decide what you don’t need.  After all, you’re only leaving town for a few days not a month.

Lets continue… We are going to pack 2 more pairs of underwear and 2 more pairs of socks. This makes three pairs of socks and underwear, including what you are wearing.

small bag for packing for short trips
This is how big this anti-theft bag is… Click on the picture to check it out on Amazon… Perhaps you’ll find one you like.

Now, lets consider the type of trip you’re taking, this will determine your next outfit. Are you doing a beach getaway? Are you doing a business trip? Or Maybe you’re just gonna lounge around all three days? Depending on your answer you will pack either a casual t-shirt and pants/shorts or maybe a button up shirt, tie and a nice pair of pants. If this isn’t a business trip the easiest thing to do is to pack an outfit that will match with everything you are wearing now. Mix and match clothing and make a third outfit from these two.

Let me break it down for you:

laptop bag, repurpose, packing for short trips
I use a bag like this for my weekend getaways… The one I have might be a couple of inches bigger… Click on the image to check out bags like this on Amazon… It’s a good starting point if you’re considering a bag like this.

Ok lets recap. We are taking 3 pairs of socks and underwear for a total of three days (including the socks and underwear you are wearing while you’re traveling to your destination.) Lets count the clothing on your body!

Next we pack one more outfit that matches what you’re wearing. Lets pack a shirt (button up or casual) another pair of shorts/pants. Mix and match to create a third outfit, but do not pack a third outfit.

This will guarantee you have lots of space for other necessities. Reading eye glasses, toiletries, a bathing suit, sun block and maybe even a laptop and/or camera (or other electronics).

Presto! Light packing for a long weekend getaway.


Got any tips? Feel free to comment!

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