Mutschmanns is my favorite venue in Berlin. I first went there with a friend from LA. My friend was in town for a wrestling convention. He and his wrestling buddies all joined us for a bar-hopping evening. After starting at Prinzknecht, we headed over to Mutschmanns where the party seemed to start for the night. We sat at the bar and talked until the sun literally came up, drinking, laughing and making friends. We left and called it a night around 4 in the morning. It was a great introduction to a place I made several stops at.

My friend from LA caught a train to Prague that morning. Therefore, I checked-out and checked into my hostel, the Gay Hostel Berlin.

Today would be my only solo night, I had some old college buddies from San Francisco coming to Berlin the next day. Therefore I decided I would head back to Mutschmanns that night.

I checked their website (as you should for every gay bar) and Thursday night is a Naked Sex Party, dress code is mandatory nude. I thought that sounded like fun.

I got dressed in clothes I thought were easiest to remove and headed right over. Someone told me to get to the Naked Sex Party early because it gets full fast. I was excited but mostly I was excited to be naked. Im pretty comfortable in my own skin and having a naked opportunity is always something I look forward to…

I was buzzed into Mutschmanns, paid 7 Euros and was given a free shot at the door. I was instructed to check my clothes at the coat check for the night. I checked my clothes, got completely nude and headed straight for the bar. I was the second person to arrive so I grabbed a Becks and sat my naked butt at the bar and waited for the crowd to come in and party the night away.

While it was still empty I decided I would walk around Mutschmanns and see what this venue looked like. Mutschmanns has a main bar right in the center of the place. There is a smoking room past the bar, behind glass doors. However, you can smoke anywhere in the bar. It’s the first thing you notice when you enter Mutschmanns. I don’t mind, but I heard lots of Americans complaining about it. When in Berlin, I say have fun in a decadent environment and stop complaining about stupid things.

Anyway, I sipped my beer and headed towards their dungeon, which is downstairs. At this moment there was nobody here. I walked around and looked at what they had. It was completely dark but as my eyes began to adjust I saw the play area entirely. They had a waiting area, upstairs and one as soon as you get downstairs. It had a couple of tables where you can relax and smoke or just chill.

As you enter the dungeon, there is a fork. To the left, you walk through a hallway and end up in private rooms where you can take anyone you want for a one-on-one session. Each room also has a glory hole for extra excitement.

The path to the right takes you to a room of slings. About 7 slings in a row with paper towels to clean up your business afterwards.

The middle space holds a giant leather bed and an open space around it to give the crowd enough room to play.

The entire dungeon was pitch black, except for a few red lights that made it possible to see what you wanted once your eyes adjusted. It was an exciting and big space.

I walked back upstairs to finish my beer and get a new one. As i sipped on my second beer, the crowd began to show up and the party got more exciting.

To should give you some insight on what its like to party at Mutschmanns. The crowd here is great. There is absolutely no pretension here. Everyone is out for fun. The german men here are all about having sex for fun. It’s not personal. In fact many guys go down to the dungeon, get-off come back, drink a beer and head back down to get-off again. The men here just want to have fun with other guys. You talk to random strangers and go to the dungeon to play for hours and hours. You can play with several guys at once or one-on-one. You can watch and not participate at all. No one cares, you are there to have fun. Mutschmanns is a place where your sexual fantasies will come true (if thats what you’re looking for) or it can be a fun place to be naked and drink some beer. I found Mutschmanns to be a very easy place to be. I didn’t feel judged about my body. I didn’t feel judged about my ethnicity. It was all around accepting and very fun.

Thursdays is their Naked Sex Party. I was told it’s always a great night and always hopping. I also went for their sunday party, Sex on Sunday (or SOS). It was not very busy, but I was also told it was their second night having this theme and it hasn’t gotten much of a following yet.

Next time I go to Berlin, I will definitely be back at Mutschmanns, my favorite Berlin venue.

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