Museo Soumaya Review | Mexico City

The Soumaya museum is a great place to start when in Mexico City. The architecture is extremely modern and gorgeous. Its stunning and FREE!

This museum was created by the richest man in Mexico as a way to display his art collection. The inside of the museum is also impressive. This stark and sleek first floor gives way to a ramp on the side that spirals upward. Floor upon floor of original pieces of art work. Some work more fascinating that others but its a cultural experience like no other.

You can visit the dark ages and move your way towards modern-day art.

Located in the posh neighborhood of Polanco. This area is worth a stroll and perhaps a visit to nearby shops and other museums.

You will find the Soumaya museum at Calle Lago Zurich 245, Granada, 11529 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico… I think you’ll find this place is impressive.


I walked in awe of the space. It has no windows but its massive. I did not feel trapped. I thought I would. The museum almost feels like a spaceship on the inside. Sterile and outer-worldly. I walked up each ramp and looked at the pieces of art in his art collection. Some artwork is more interesting than others. He seems to have an obsession with some artists. I tend to gravitate towards the creepy sculptures and broken statues of his collection.

I climbed floor upon floor, ramp upon ramp. I lost count of how many floors I climbed. The air conditioner caressed my body as I walked, slowly. I felt like I was undressing a lover with my eyes for the first time. The curves of this building were beautiful. 

The walls were naked. It wasn’t about the walls though, it was about the art in the center of the structure.


At the very top floor there is an immense skylight that shines towards a center piece of art. You can see the exposed metal structure holding it in place. It made for dramatic lighting.

I danced around the last floor and took pictures of my favorite art pieces. I studied the unfamiliar crevices of each piece. I looked at the decay and cracks of the porcelain figurines. I felt astonished by the unfinished pieces of sculpture that stood in front of me. I am an art geek after all and I felt like I was getting my fill of well deserved art.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Free to enter!
  • Great art work.
  • In the Polanco neighborhood.
  • Totally worth it if you like art.
One of the cool busts youll find at the musuem
A porcelain figure incased in glass. I thought it was amazing.
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