MID | Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport

Food court. Before Security

My cousin sent a driver to pick me up and take me to the airport. MID is small. Three terminals, several smaller airlines. A few big name ones as well.

I had a flight to catch for a layover in Belize city for the day.

I arrived too early as usual. I waited for the ticket counter to open for about an hour before I checked-in. As you would imagine, you could not check-in online. I observed my surroundings and made mental notes of the airport.

The lines for the smaller airline ticket counters were short. Thats a good thing. The airport had a small food court before security, a couple of cafe’s and a gift shop.

Convenient store. Before security

Upon getting my boarding pass I took the escalators up and turned right towards the B wing. I wanted to see if I could get into the Priority Pass lounge with my Amex, considering I forgot to bring my Priority Pass card. I was rejected and decided to walk to my gate, which was gate A. It was on the opposite side.

The airport is small but confusing. As you make your way through security, all of the security measures are in place. I always find this stressful. Thank goodness I have Pre-Check, for most airports. This airport was too small and didn’t have Pre-Check.

This way to GATE B

As I walked through security in terminal A, I walked past two immigration booths that were empty. I stood there and looked at security, but no one said anything and I kept walking. I got to the gates filled out my Belizean immigration forms and grabbed a sandwich and a Frap from the stand-alone vendors.

Airports everywhere will sell you things for as much as they can get it… The sandwich was $110 Pesos or a little more than $5 USD. The Frap was $60 Pesos, or $3 USD. Considering the night before I had a feast for $3 USD. This was a total rip off. Darn these airport prices.

This way to GATE A (my gate)

Anyway, I vehemently ate my sandwich and guzzled that god forsaken frap. Looked for my gate that read Tropic Air, only to realize none of the gates said Tropic Air. I was confused. I wondered about the terminal until I found a section of the terminal that was previously closed. I took the ramp down. More gates, no names. Ok, still confused. Finally a ticket person came in and I asked if this was Tropic Air’s terminal gate. She confirmed. I sat until a gentlemen came by and asked me if I am flying Tropic Air. He ushered me back to the immigration booths. The booths that were previously empty. In not even sure what the hell he did. But, I did what I needed to do and then sat in the terminal and waited for my flight.

Overpriced airport food
This ramp was closed when I first went through security… It opened about 10 min after I was lost… Its Gate A, but below… Tropic Air is unmarked… just so you know…
The waiting room, ground level Gate A… Take the ramp down after security to get here.
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