Merida Yucatan – I made it

The bus took less than 4 hours. I made it and my cousin was at the bus station waiting for me when I arrived.

Before I go into anything else let me give you a little bit of history… in general.

Merida Yucatan. My mother is from here. So is my grand mother and the rest of her family. My mothers immediate family is in the USA and are all US citizens. The rest of my family resides in Merida. They are dual citizens but prefer to live in Merida. They lived in the states for 16 plus years until they realized they wanted to come back. Therefore, I have a lot of family here.

Merida Yucatan is a place where the history is so rich, it literally goes back to when the dinosaurs were alive. The history of this place basically starts when the comet that destroyed the dinosaurs hits Earth causing a world wide catastrophe, killing off the dominant species of the planet. In fact, they will take you to the exact spot if you want to. After the dinosaurs died, the land that in now Yucatan flourished. Originally, underwater many of the stones they used to build the city still have sea shells in them.

The Mayans also created a fascinating and rich, and educated environment in the Yucatan. They were very civilized and very apt at war games, tactics and sacrificial ceremony. Their religion is very widely known. They have many gods they worshiped and their religious stories are still heard today.

The Mayan language is still spoken in Yucatan. In fact, I know some Mayan, but only several words and phrases. People who live here will speak Mayan to their relatives. Its great.

There is so much to do, see and learn about this place, 4 days of being here will not be enough.

As we continue up the historical chain we can see the Spanish and European influence in the architecture. So much happened throughout the centuries here. It is all very conserved and appreciated.

The food is epic and different from many types of Mexican food you might know.

Now… Im here. Ive been here before but now Im an adult. Ive only heard the stories from my mother and grandparents. Ive heard the stories of why they left.

Im here to find a few things. Great food, family, the entrance to Hell (the mayans believed that the entrance to hell is a physical place… I found it today, but thats for a later post), and perhaps a little bit of myself.

Lets see what this city has to offer…

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